Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Family and Friends, ALOHAAA!!
I feel like it's been forever since I have written! Well, the transfer is coming to an end, with only this week to go, and the Lord continues to show His hand in this work. This week for me has been all about prayer. I don't know if I have ever prayed harder in my life with such faith in knowing those prayers would be answered. Well just as James direct, "ask, and ye shall receive," I have received many witnesses that God does hear and answer our prayers. Those witnesses came through the miracles I saw =)

Miracle #1: 
On Tuesday I had the blessing of going on exchanges with Sister Millett (Sister Trainer)! We seriously just saw miracle after miracle after miracle. During the morning shift at the VC it had been pretty slow, so we were excited to see what was in store in all that we had planned to do in her area! We were super bummed because one of their investigators with a baptismal date wasn't at home for his appointment, so we prayed to know what we should do next. We went to our back up plan to see a potential investigator! Unfortunately, she was not home either, but her grandmother was. She is pretty old and was trying to move out of her house, climbing up and down the stairs with these heavy boxes. Well Sister Millett and I jumped to the opportunity and convinced her to let us help! We were able to do so and then drive with her to where she was moving. When we got to the house, her son (the Potential Investigator's dad) was there to help us unload. After speaking with him we were able to leave with the PI's phone number so that we could contact her and set up an appointment. It was so simple, but it was a witness that as we pray for guidance, God will help us know where to go.

Miracle #2: 

Almost every single day this week we have been able to go to our dinner appointments! My whole entire mission, this has NEVER happened, haha.  When we have a tram (MWF) we don't finish until 7:30, which is usually too late for the families, and they will just drop off the dinner. For whatever reason, (prayer), the families have said that they would love to have us, even if their kids will already be in bed!! As we have the trust of the members of our ward we can work together to bring less-actives back to church and find more people to teach the gospel!!

Miracle #3: 
My favorite miracle of the week. Well, although we have a couple of potentials in our area, they've told us time after time that they are not interested. We are doing our best to get to know them if we are passing by and they are outside, but we have felt that at this stage this is what will be best. Needless to say, our Laie 8th ward has been busy more with visiting the less-actives. Anyway, the past week I had been praying so hard that I would be able to find someone to teach, so I can share this joy that I have! "Ask and ye shall receive." Yesterday, a man and a woman come walking in. I immediately greet them and get to know them. I ask which religion they are most familiar with (both Christian), and ask if they would like to listen to the narration that goes with the Christus statue. After we listened to it I asked how they felt as they heard the words of Christ. The woman said she felt so much peace. I asked both of them if they had any experiences where Christ has brought peace into their lives. Both shared stories with me. I testified that the peace they felt now, and during those times could be with them forever by following the example of Jesus Christ and being baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God. The woman just took a deep breath, and said yeah, I want that. Bah, it was AWESOME! I told her that when we are baptized we can start over, start clean, be pure, and show Christ that we truly want to follow Him and take upon ourselves His name. "Is that something you want to feel for yourself?" She responds, "You have no idea." 

Often times on the mission I feel like my prayers are answered by Heavenly Father allowing me to be His instruments. I know that as we all pray for experiences to serve God, and serve our neighbors, that Heavenly Father will provide those for us. There is no better feeling that serving others! You can a love for them that could only be gained through knowing you are helping God's children come closer to Christ. I love this feeling, and I pray that I will always live worthy to have the Holy Ghost as my comforter, guide, and witness that this gospel is true. I know that as we humble ourselves to our knees and pray to our loving Father in Heaven, He will answer our prayers, and lead us to where He wants us to be. He wants us to be happy, and will always provide us experiences that will not only help us grow, but understand how much He has blessed our lives. I am so grateful for this gospel. I am so grateful to know that when I am sad, when I feel alone, or even when I feel happy, or grateful, I can pray and feel the presence of the Lord comforting me and lifting me up. He is there; trust in Him. I love you all, and love your prayers. I feel them, and I know that is through them I can be made strong! Have a wonderful week, and don't ever forget to pray =)

                                          Love always,
                                                                                                   Sister Moyes

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just DO IT !

Family and Friends, Aloha!

President Spencer W. Kimball was known for repeating the phrase, "Do it," throughout his life. In a famous speech by Art Williams he also emphasized that if you want something, "Just do it!" This week on Wednesday we had an amazing and inspired Zone Conference where the theme was centered around sticking to the basics and just doing it! I absolutely loved this. There are so many times in our lives we feel inadequate or don't know how to achieve a goal, but as we simply do it, we can achieve all that we want to. If you want to know this gospel is true, then DO IT. Live by it, see if it doesn't bless you life! If you want to be like Christ, then do it. If you want to become something, then do it =) In these past couple of days since I have applied this principle I have noticed the difference in the way I work. If we want results, then we must DO everything we can to achieve them. That being said, I know that this is possible through the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We would not have received the miracles we saw this week without the inspiration to know what to DO, but then actually going and doing it as well.

Miracle #1
With each of our guests we always invite them to receive missionaries to understand what they have learned or felt while in the Visitor Center! Well, a while back there was a couple on my tram tour that was very receptive to the gospel. Usually we hand out the guest card for them (where they can mark if they would like to learn more from missionaries in their area) when they get back on to the bus. I felt very strongly that I needed to offer the guest card while I was speaking to this particular couple right then and there. I went and grabbed the guest/comment card, and invited them to learn from missionaries! They both said yes! Well, I've been trying to call since then, and sent an e-mail, as well, feeling a little hopeless. Well, a couple of days ago I received a reply! She said that her and her husband were now in contact with the missionaries and learning more!! For all I know had we not given them the card in the VC, it could have come back to us empty or they might not even have received one. It is so important to act on those promptings (to just do it), because we never know what could be in store. 

Miracle #2
So, I guess my family/friends will realize this when I get home, but I've gained a LOT of weight, haha. I'm really good at hiding it in pictures ;) It's been really hard, I'm not going to lie. It doesn't matter how much you exercise, the amounts of food we get fed from members outweighs it. Until, Sister Tsai and I had a dinner appointment with the Masaniai family. It was truly a blessing, and a miracle to me. Not only because their family has been through SO much, and still have such strong and steadfast testimonies, but because they really helped me put things into perspective. Grandma Masaniai reminded me that when they have the missionaries over, they are not just helping us as Sisters, but they are helping the Lord. They give EVERYTHING to feeding the missionaries. Hawaii is expensive, the people don't have much, but when the missionaries come over, they prepare large meals with the best food that they have! Not because we are missionaries, but because we are representing the Lord Jesus Christ. When she lovingly reminded me of this, it made me remember how much I need to forget myself, and simply serve the people. I am so grateful for this blessing to help me refocus on what matters most.

Miracle #3
Coolest miracle ever! So last night, Sister Tsai and I were in the "God's Plan" movie with 2 members. It had just started when two young men opened the door and poked their heads in. I told them it had just started and to come on in. They took a seat. Not knowing who they were, or where they came from, I felt so strongly that this was where they needed to be. For the last part of the presentation we are sitting in a room with a beautifully lit picture of the Laie Temple. I had asked how they felt about the message that was shared in this movie. The member spoke, leading into a perfect segue to introduce how the gospel gives our lives purpose. We then asked the two young men, how they felt this message gave their life more purpose. They both answered saying that they had never felt this way before. They watched this movie and knew that they wanted to have families just as the one they saw in this presentation. They both mentioned that they were from Detroit, and that this was not something they thought was really possible. Sister Tsai and I both testified that as our families have lived these principles, that having a family based on the principles of the gospel, is possible. Both just in awe, couldn't stop saying how much happier they felt thinking about a family like this then any worldly thing could offer. One shared how they were just driving around the Island, stationed here at Pearl Harbor, and saw the beautiful white building; and here they were feeling so full of peace and knowledge. We testified that they could have that feeling with them for the rest of their lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. "Is that something you want for yourself and your future family?" "Yes........definitely," they replied. They were so excited to learn more as we continued to show them around the Visitor Center, and continued to mention how much they loved the feeling they had when they were here. We're so excited to send our Honolulu Zone missionaries their information so they can learn more!
Last week's baptism

Well, although my parents are enjoying their cruise in the Caribbean ;) I am so grateful to be here as a missionary. It seems as if it only gets harder and harder, but the blessings from DOING hard things, become better and better. I am so grateful for the trials we have. I know that they help us become stronger, and shape us into who God sees us as. When we have trials, I invite you all to not ask "why," but, "what." What can I learn? Or better yet, what can I DO, to draw closer to Christ through this. I know that as we DO this, we will feel Christ by our sides comforting us, and showing the way. I love this gospel, and I love my Heavenly Father. I love the Polynesian people, and I know this is what God would have me DO.

I love you all,

Sister Moyes

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Aloha family and friends,

Christmas Pictures

I am very sad to report that as of today I officially only have 9 months left on my mission. Where does the time go? There is so much to do, and so little time! It's definitely time to step up my "A" game and work harder than ever!! It's a new year, and we're already seeing so much happen. Just some little updates of Hawai'i. It's freezing here. Yes, freezing, haha. I've turned into a huge wimp with the non-stop wind and rain during this winter season. But it makes it easy for knowing what to do with your hair in the morning...nothing! =) The Polynesian Cultural Center as well as the Visitor Center are busier than ever, and so we pray that as we continue to apply our training and studies that we will see even more miracles.


Miracle #1 There is a potential investigator in our area. She is married to a less-active member of the church, and they are both in the Army= super busy = never home. I spoke with Sister Fong, who served in this area for 4 transfers and she said she was never able to contact her or her husband (the member). Well, Sister Tsai and I planned to go see them after visiting some other families, so we walked down the street to their house. Lo and behold, the husband was sitting in his garage on a couch. We walked up the driveway saying Aloha, then he reached out to shake our hands...this was so good! We asked if he was busy right now, and he said he was actually just about to head inside to get ready, so we asked him what time we could we come and share a message with him and his wife. He said he was okay, and not to worry about it. I then remembered that his house was one of the houses that was hosting food and desserts during New Years! I asked if I was correct in remembering being here for that, and he said yes, and he was glad we were able to come and enjoy it! Well that got conversation flowing, and allowed us to leave on a really good note with him! It was such a miracle that not only was he outside, but that we stopped at His house for New Years not even knowing who's home it was. I know that there are no coincidences, and that we are truly being guided every day by Heavenly Father to help bring His children into the light of truth and knowledge.

Miracle #2: So, this one is pretty sweet (and short). In our BYU-H ward we have an "eternal" investigator. He is from Japan, has been taught all the lessons, only hangs out with Return Missionaries, but for whatever reason just has not wanted to be baptized. So many Sisters here in Laie have taught him (for 2 years), but as missionaries we know that the desire to be truly converted must come from him. Well, we get a call from our Distrtict Leaders who tell us that he is being baptized this Saturday. We didn't really know what to think. Apparently he talked to his friend (the Elder's Quorum President) and told him that He wanted to be baptized, and wanted to know how soon it could happen!! They immediately called up the Bishop, met with our district leaders for a Baptismal Interview, and so we had a baptism this Saturday! It was so awesome.

Miracle #3: Being an online sister was such a blessing of an experience, and I am still seeing the results from it. I don't know if you recall a miracle from when I was online about a girl from Canada who we chatted with and committed her to be baptized (after having many dates, and investigating the church for about 6 months now) on the first of December. Well, we received an e-mail from her informing us that she did indeed get baptized on that day, and sent us pictures!!! We could not have been happier! I love this gospel so much. It doesn't matter how it is taught, what is important is having the spirit when we teach so that it can teach the hearts of God's children. What was even more ironic was in the picture, the Elder who baptized her was my zone leader in the MTC!! So that was pretty cool. This gospel is so true.

I am so grateful to be serving a mission. And I am so grateful for everyone who is preparing to serve soon! The work we are doing is so important. The gospel changes lives, and it brings meaning and purpose to people as they understand their role as a child of God. I am also so grateful for all of our faithful church members who share the gospel through their example as well as their words. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored upon the earth. It is true, it is happy, and it is pure. Be bold in sharing the gospel by showing others how it brings happiness into every aspect of our lives. I know that my Savior lives, and I know that I am a daughter of God on His errand. I love you all, and continue to pray for you in finding opportunities to be missionaries as well. 

Until next time! ALohaaaaa!!

Sister Moyes

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Aloha, and Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe it's 2013? All of us "older" sisters had a little sad moment last night when we realized we go home this year : ( BUT, never mind that now, lets talk about the miracles of the year 2012! 

Miracle #1: President left a voice-mail on our phones last night informing us that although we did not reach our goal of 1200 baptisms for the year, we did beat the highest number of baptisms that this mission has ever seen with a total of 1,108! The last time the mission hit even close to 1100 was in 1950, with 1101 baptisms. We could not have felt happier with these results. Behind every number is a soul; a soul that entered the waters of baptism and the gate towards exaltation!! Truly amazing. That being said, we hit about 150 baptisms just for the month of December!! Our high-water-mark was 130, so the bar has definitely been risen. I cannot wait to see those numbers rise each month as we do everything we can to put our faith in the Lord to help us find those who have been prepared to receive the truth =) 

Miracle #2:  I've been having a really hard time breathing and sleeping at night because of the allergies from the dust and mold that are so easily cultivated here. For this transfer, Sister Tsai and I were assigned to move into pad 117, and I started to feel a cold coming on, but felt like a pretty intense cold. Well, I began getting really sick when President Dalton called out of the blue, saying that he felt inspired to move Sister Tsai and me into pad 115. I had such a spiritual confirmation that this was right (even though this meant we had to pack our stuff right back up again). As Sister Tsai and I were packing I began to find mold everywhere! It was in my closet, it was in the shower, on the ceiling, etc. We have a Mission President who truly receives guidance and revelation for this mission, and I am so grateful for the knowledge I have that Heavenly Father loves me. I know that He helps us as we listen to the guidance of our leaders who are truly set apart as disciples of Christ. 

Miracle #3: Well, we all know that Polynesians know how to party...but let me reassure you, they know how to PARTYYY! For New Years eve they close down pretty much every street in Laie, turning it into these huge block parties, with LOTS of food, lots of fireworks, and lots of music! It was AWESOME! Hah, it was so much fun!! The miracle in it was, we were able to meet one of the non-members in our area as well as get to know the members in our ward a lot better. They of course offered us food at every corner we went to, and of course we accepted, and of course I had a food baby at the end of the night! Hah, it may sound simple, but it truly was a miracle that allowed us to gain the trust of our members, as well as help us to feel more comfortable with the ward as well. It was such a blessing!

After we left our area we headed back to the stake center by the temple and met up with the rest of the missionaries in the zone to play games! It was so fun! Sister Shin (from Korea) and I played basketball pretty much the whole time, just shooting hoops, then we all played night games outside just having a good time together. Midnight was CRAZY! It was so loud, and the whole sky was lit with fireworks from all over Laie. It was cool to feel the spirit as we all sat down on the pavement of the parking lot looking up into the sky and remembering how blessed our lives have been, how amazing the year 2012 had been, and all that we are ready to accomplish in the year 2013! 

I am so grateful for this life that we have here on earth, and the experiences that help us become who Heavenly Father sees us as. I know He has a plan of happiness, and I know that each and every one of us feels that through the small and simple things this wonderful life has to offer. I know that if we grab on to those simple things, that "great things will come to pass," ( Alma 37:6). May we let the gospel fill our hearts to resolve to do better! Now is the time. Don't look back, but towards the bright future that lies ahead!! I love you all so much. It has been such an amazing year, and I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store!!


Sister Moyes