Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 3 at the Missionary Training Center


This letter probably won't be as long, just because I cannot even begin to explain all that has happened this week. I thought I was being humbled last week? Hah, little did I know. As I explained last time, I was switched into a trio with Sister Hodson and Sister Beadles. It has been an interesting transition for sure. But I am happy to say that after a very long companionship inventory everything has been 10 times better. I sat down with Sister Hodson and let her know that I could tell when I do something that frustrates her, and she said not to worry about it. I explained to her that if those things are affecting our teaching or relationship, then they are important. So, she was finally able to open up to me and was able to kindly share some traits, such as being too blunt, or always trying to make everything perfect....and all are true. I've noticed that ever since I have been here, all I want to do is be perfect, and I have to remember that it's good to strive for perfection, but perfection is being charitable, hopeful, patient, loving, temperate in all things....did I mention patience? I loved that she helped me see this! It has been so helpful. So my Christlike attribute that I am working on this week is patience =]   I've already begun to see the difference in my relationship with these two Sisters. I seriously love them so much, and our results in teaching have been incredible.

Last week we taught an Investigator (not an actor), whose name is Sarah. She is about 32 years old, married, and has a 12 year-old daughter. It was our first time teaching together, although S. Hodson and S. Beadles had taught her about three times already.  ANyway, the second we sat down, she just started crying. She said that she had prayed last night for the first time, and had a really good talk with God. Then she realized she was crying, and then just said, "Anyway, just tell me your message..." And my heart started pounding, the spirit was so strong. I just opened my mouth and looked at Sarah, and said, "Sarah, the lesson can wait. What's up?" She said it was nothing and that it didn't matter, and to move on. I explained to her that we are not just here to "preach" to her. We are here to listen, and to help her....and that is what the gospel is about. She just wiped her eyes and then just let us know that it has been a really hard time for her right now. Her sister had been diagnosed with lymphoma  cancer, and that she had only 3 months to live. She didn't know what to do, because she loves her sister so much, and just feels so helpless, and feels so overwhelmed right now. Once again my heart started pounding, and I felt the strongest impression to ask if she would like to receive a Priesthood blessing. She had not been taught what the Priesthood was, so I briefly explained that the same power that Jesus Christ had, to perform miracles, the power of God, was restored just as when his church was restored in these latter-days. She didn't believe a word of it. I then asked her, "Sarah, do you believe in Jesus Christ?" She said yes. I then continued, "Do you believe that when He was on this earth he made the blind see, made the lame walk, rose the dead?" She said yes again. I explained to her that, that is the power of God. The Priesthood power. I then asked her another question, "Sarah, if this power was on the earth, do you believe that Jesus Christ could give it to his disciples or 12 Apostles?" She then said, "Yeah I don't see why not." So I said, well then if Christ's Church that He established when he was on the earth is restored, then why wouldn't the Priesthood power be restored as well?" YOu could tell this one kind of hit her. She just said, "I don't know. I guess it just seems kind of weird!...LIke, does that mean all of these men who are members of your church have the power of God?" WE explained that as they live righteously and in accordance to the commandments and covenants they have made with God, that yes, they are able to hold the Priesthood. I then asked her again, Sarah, would you like to receive a Priesthood blessing? THen Sister Hodson explained how, this blessing could just be a blessing of comfort or peace in her life right now, and had nothing to lose by receiving it. Only God knows what she needs to hear right now. She said that was okay, and very humbly asked, "But, could my sister get one?" We told her absolutely! Her sister lives in Cincinnati, OH so we went on to, looked up the Bishops number, gave it to her, and told her she could call him, and he or the missionaries could go to the hospital and give her a blessing. We explained that we don't know the will of God, but we do know that, if it be His will, and we have the faith, miracles can happen. Even today.
Bahhhhhh, sorry, I just really wanted to share that experience. It was so cool, and I know it was only a glimpse of what I will be able to do and see when I get to Hawaii. Which, sorry that I miss informed you, will be on the 29th. My flight is at 8:30 in the morning, so be expecting a phone call! Keep your phones on please =).

Being the Coordinating Sister has been one of the biggest blessings ever right now. I am seeing talents that I never knew I had. A couple of the sisters have been having a really hard time, and for whatever reason, I have been able to bring them some peace and hope, and advice to the best of my abilities. Apparently it has been exactly what they have needed. I have never felt so influential as a servant of God. Oh! Speaking of!!! Sister Kailee Jensen is in my Zone!!! What are the chances?? SHe is a super good friend from BYU-I and her Aunt and Uncle are Brother and Sister Thompson from the Zionsville ward! She is serving in the Jacksonville, FL mission!! Cool stuff. Not surprised at all, she was called to be the new Coordinating Sister for when I leave. She is going to be so awesome.

Oh, wow. How could I forget!!! Elder L. Tom Perry (one of the 12 Apostles on the earth today) spoke in Devotional on Tuesday! I was able to sing in the choir as well. It was cool because I had met him at the mall just two weeks before! He talked about the Priesthood....coincidence? I think not! Heavenly Father knows what He's doing. And I know that He has a plan for each and every one of His children. I love this gospel, and I know with all my heart that it is true. I know that everyone can come to know this by asking in prayer for themselves.

Well, I should probably get going, but once again, thank you everyone for your letters and prayers. Keep them coming, and I promise I will try to keep up!! I love everyone so much, and am so grateful for my wonderful family who have helped me become the person I am today. Seriously, I wouldn't be able to do any of this if I wasn't able to learn from you and from all of the advice you have provided for me my whole life. Love you all!

Sister Annie Moyes

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