Monday, March 25, 2013


Family and Friends, Talofa!

I cannot even believe we're already on to week three of the transfer. It has been super busy "white-washing" the area while there were no previous investigators for us to teach! SO, we've been doing a lot tracting, a lot referall seeking from other missionaries, and especially from the members! The members are always your best source in seeking referrals; especially the recent converts! All of our miracles came from our recent convert, Victoria. Victoria was baptized about 2 weeks ago, and she is already one of the strongest members I know. She is 16 year old and ready to be a missionary! That being said:
Miracle #1: 
Like I said before, Victoria is AMAZING! She knows literally every single one of our investigators, and is good friends with every one as well. Having her at our appointments has been such a blessing. Victoria moved from Samoa just recently, and attended her church "religiously." When she came here, her auntie introduced the LDS church to her. She was very hesitant for many reasons, the biggest being her family back home who would disown her if she joined. She began taking the lessons and could not deny that this was God's true church on the earth today. She knew that she didn't know everything, but she knew enough to know that it was true. She began to realized the commitment this would be, especially knowing that her family, especially her father, would completely shut her out. But in every one of our appointments she was able to testify that it was worth it, and God continues to show her the blessing from her decision to follow Jesus Christ in being baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority of God. We were able to commit two of those investigators to a baptismal date, and pray to have one more by tomorrow! Only 16, and already making a difference in people's lives.
Miracle#2 : SO, last Tuesday our ward mission leader informed Sister Saena and me that  the "missionary program" was on Sunday in Sacrament meeting. Well, we both knew what that meant....we were speaking! Yikes! So, last week I mentioned how hardly anyone speaks English to you, then Brother Neria turns to me and says, "Sister Moe," the way, my knew name in Samoan is Sister Moe, haha. When I introduce myself they all think I'm saying Sister Moe, which is a Samoan last name, and I guess it's caught on now ;) Anyway, "Sister Moe, you will be preparing your talk in Samoan, correct?" Uhhhh, was that a question or a statement?!? Haha, I of course smiled at him and said, "I oe (yes)." So, the whole week I have been writing a talk on missionary work, and thanks to the awesome members, at every dinner appointment they help me out, fixing my grammar, telling me how to say pretty much everything, haha! Then Sunday came along, and it happened! I'm pretty sure the whole congregation could hear my knees shaking. I told them that I had prayed for the gift of tongues as I spoke, and prayed that they would have the gift of interpretation of tongues ;) They thought it was pretty funny, so that's good. And then I began. It was a bitter sweet moment after Sacrament meeting when everyone started speaking even more Samoan to me, telling me how well I did, but then saying to me that when I keep it up I should be fluent in no time! Bah, no pressure, haha. I love the Samoan language, though, it is so beautiful. I feel so overwhelmed with love for this ward. I know that Heavenly Father has sent Sister Saena and me to this ward for a reason.

O te alofa lava o lea Tama Fa'alalagi - I love my Heavenly Father SO much!! 
I know this gospel is true, and I know that if we act on it's precepts we will see nothing but blessings from Heavenly Father. We need not ever have fear, because Christ will always lift our burdens, and Heavenly Father will always stretch forth His hand to pull us back to the straight and narrow. I love knowing that there is a plan of happiness for us, and I know that all those who read the Book of Mormon, and pray, with a sincere heart, WILL feel God's love for them, and will know the truth that has been restored upon the earth again. God loves us so much, and I pray that I will prove my love to Him by serving Him each and every day! I love you all!!!

 Fa Soifua,
 Sister Moyes

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Family and Friends, Talofa!

O' a' mai oe! How are you doing?
I am in Honolulu, and it is so crazy how different it is here than in Maui or Laie! We live in the dead center of the city, and I have never seen such traffic in my life, haha. It makes getting to appointments real exciting ;) SO, my baby/greenie/trainee/companion, haha, is Sister Saena!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE HER! She is Samoan, and is such a solid missionary!! I feel so blessed getting to be her trainer, because she has so many qualities that I know will not only bless me, but the work especially. Serving in the Samoan ward is a lot different than in Laie. Here, hardly anyone will speak English to you. Hah, yay!! So, Sister Saena and I have our missionary learning Samoan book out at every chance that we get! It's definitely hard, but I feel confident that if I at least learn to pray in Samoan and bare my testimony it should be okay. They just like knowing that at least your trying to learn the language! Sister Saena speaks Samoan, so she helps me a lot and does a lot of translating for me! Well, our area covers three zones, so it's crazy how much we have to drive, but we have already seen so many miracles!!
Miracle #1:
On our second day here we were able to commit three former investigators, from about two years ago, to baptism for the month of March!! We pray for them like crazy, and hope that we will be able to do everything it takes to help them gain a testimony of this gospel so that they can enter into the gate by baptism!
Miracle #2: 
Our investigator from last week who we committed to being baptized the day before I left was baptized!!! It was such an awesome baptism!! We all sang, their family with SIster Barnes and I, "When I am Baptized," while I played the Ukalele. It was such a powerful moment that will be hard to forget!
Unfortunately, the computer is about to kick me off, but know that I am doing well! I know that this is where I am supposed to be, and that the Lord has a lot in store for Sister Saena and I. When life ever goes where you didn't expect it to, don't forget to have faith to know that it will only bring you happiness if it is the Lord's will. I know this to be true, and I know that God has a plan of happiness for His children. I love sharing that message of joy every day!! I love you all, and hope you have a great week!!

Sister Moyes

PS  *Fa'afetai mole mea ai   means= thank you for the food = )

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Family and Friends Talofa!!!

We just received transfer news and I will be serving in the Samoan Moanalua 2nd ward in the Honolulu-West Zone!!! Not only that, but I will be training a brand new missionary!! It's been such a bittersweet couple of days. I have been so sad leaving Maui, and saying goodbye to the Lahaina first ward. They have truly become my Ohana, my family, but I know that I am on the Lord's errand and not my own.
On that note, my last week here in Lahaina has been so amazing! I could not have asked for a more miraculous week.
Miracle #1 
Oliver our investigator commited to being baptized tomorrow before I go home!!!! Whoot!! He is so amazing, and he is the last one in his family to be baptized. I cannot wait for the day that they will all be ready to be sealed together as a family for all eternity in the temple. 
His daughters will be speaking at the baptism, and I know it's going to be absolutely perfect.
Miracle #2 
Although our investigator Nick (the 16-year-old) was super bummed I won't be at his baptism, he was so amazing at church on Sunday. We got him a shirt, pants, and a tie for church and he looked SO good!!! We couldn't stop smiling. And when we got to church (from a ride with a member) with him, everyone was talking to him as if he had been their friend for years. Then Sister Barnes and I went to take pictures for my last Sunday, and when we're finished we walk back inside and find Nick passing out the programs to everyone walking in to the chapel!! We started tearing up so bad. It was such a tender mercy to see him progress so well into the gospel, and to have the ward fellowship him so well. I know he is in good hands.

After church I was "Aloha Oe'd" where the members bring lei's to put around your neck as a goodbye gift as they sing "Aloha Oe." I was bawling in front of the whole ward, and it was really hard, but it was a moment I will never forget. I will take the Aloha spirit with me every where I go for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to be serving here in Maui, and especially the Hawaii Honolulu Mission.
I feel so blessed every day  I walk outside and every time I am greeted with a smile from a stranger on the street. Everyone is so loving here, no matter who you are or where you come from, they love you. I know that as we truly love our neighbors we will be able to bring peace and happiness to others. Just as my favorite scripture says, "And it came to pass that there was no contention in the land because of the love of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people." 4 Nephi 1: 15. I know this to be true. I know that when we put our hearts and our trust in God we will be so much happier! I love you all, and pray for you continually. Until next week!

Love Always, 

Sister Moyes

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Family and Friends ALOHA!!

I cannot believe it is already the last week of this transfer. Every transfer goes by faster and faster!! I guess it doesn't help that last transfer was 8 weeks, compared to this one's 6. That being said, Sister Barnes and I have no idea what is going to happen next transfer. We'll find out Sunday night if we are staying together or not. We had interviews with President Dalton this past week, and he informed us that there will be 11 new full-field sisters coming into the mission, and another three going to the VC. That being said, anything could happen; especially with five new areas being opened in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission!! I love getting to see Heavenly Father's army of missionaries becoming stronger and stronger. So this week started out as a tough one. Our appointments kept falling through, we had to drop three investigators who we thought would be golden, we're still trying to figure out my health...needless to say, it was tough. BUT, one thing is for sure, as Sister Barnes and I have been working our hardest Heavenly Father has once again shown us the way.

Miracle #1

We had a set appointment with our deaf investigator, but his wife came to the door (whom is also deaf). I asked if her husband was home, and she, very nicely, but sharply, said that they were not interested, they are catholic, will always be catholic, go to church, and so her husband cannot meet with us anymore!! Bahhhh!! I just wanted to cry. He was so awesome, and seemed so prepared. Then a couple days later we go to visit another investigator who has been investigating for a really long time. She finally tells us that now is just not the time.Yup! THEn, so when Sister Barnes and I first got into this area, there was an investigator who had a baptismal date. Unfortunately there were some things that he didn't fully understand that had to be done in order for him to be baptized. Well, ever since we explained we had to postpone the baptism, he hasn't returned our calls. HAH, I promise it gets happy =) Well, of course Sister Barnes and I are devastated. All three were so close, but we knew that we had to focus on those who ARE progressing. Well, just yesterday at church, being fast and testimony meeting, a sister bares her testimony in Relief Society. She mentioned that this was her first time back to church in a really really really long time! She talked about how she felt like a terrible mother for keeping her sons away from the gospel, but is grateful that she is back, because she knows it is true. Well as soon as Relief Society was over I went to go thank her for  her strong testimony and to see if there was anything we could do for her, being that she just lost her husband. She responded in telling us that we could help her by coming and teaching her boys the lessons to be baptized! Our jaws just dropped. It was so amazing to truly see that if we put our trust in the Lord he will truly open doors for us. And he has!!

Miracle #2 

Sister Barnes and I have gotten super close with one of our members (Trixy)! She is a return missionary and does anything and everything for us. Well, as every family is in Hawaii, her's is super close and consists of a lot of aunties and uncles! We didn't have dinner one night and so she told us to come with her to a party for her cousins birthday. We get there and see choke members from our ward and others as well, and as always, just felt super welcomed as if we were family. When it's time for us to go Trixy tells us how a particular uncle never talks to the missionaries. He's not a member, and just doesn't talk to the missionaries even if they're around. But, cool thing was, he was talking to us and getting to know us and making sure we had enough to eat, etc. We didn't think anything of it until she told us this!! She said that maybe he is finally ready. Well, just yesterday she talked to her auntie, and her auntie said that he is ready to learn from the missionaries!! Whoo-hoo!!

Miracle #3 

Our 16-year-old investigator is still as solid as ever!!! 

Being a missionary is seriously the best. It's so hard, haha, and sometimes you wonder if you can do it, but when you keep going even during those times, Heavenly Father always shows us the way. I am so grateful to be a part of this work. It is true. I know that we are on this earth to learn how to rely upon our Savior Jesus Christ. When we do that, we can do anything; even when we think the windows are closing, there is always a door opening! Never be discouraged. As we keep the commandments and continually build our relationship with God, He will give us more than we will even have room for. Keeping looking up, because Heavenly Father is always there. Have another fabulous week.

Sending all my love and sun,
Sister Moyes