Monday, March 25, 2013


Family and Friends, Talofa!

I cannot even believe we're already on to week three of the transfer. It has been super busy "white-washing" the area while there were no previous investigators for us to teach! SO, we've been doing a lot tracting, a lot referall seeking from other missionaries, and especially from the members! The members are always your best source in seeking referrals; especially the recent converts! All of our miracles came from our recent convert, Victoria. Victoria was baptized about 2 weeks ago, and she is already one of the strongest members I know. She is 16 year old and ready to be a missionary! That being said:
Miracle #1: 
Like I said before, Victoria is AMAZING! She knows literally every single one of our investigators, and is good friends with every one as well. Having her at our appointments has been such a blessing. Victoria moved from Samoa just recently, and attended her church "religiously." When she came here, her auntie introduced the LDS church to her. She was very hesitant for many reasons, the biggest being her family back home who would disown her if she joined. She began taking the lessons and could not deny that this was God's true church on the earth today. She knew that she didn't know everything, but she knew enough to know that it was true. She began to realized the commitment this would be, especially knowing that her family, especially her father, would completely shut her out. But in every one of our appointments she was able to testify that it was worth it, and God continues to show her the blessing from her decision to follow Jesus Christ in being baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority of God. We were able to commit two of those investigators to a baptismal date, and pray to have one more by tomorrow! Only 16, and already making a difference in people's lives.
Miracle#2 : SO, last Tuesday our ward mission leader informed Sister Saena and me that  the "missionary program" was on Sunday in Sacrament meeting. Well, we both knew what that meant....we were speaking! Yikes! So, last week I mentioned how hardly anyone speaks English to you, then Brother Neria turns to me and says, "Sister Moe," the way, my knew name in Samoan is Sister Moe, haha. When I introduce myself they all think I'm saying Sister Moe, which is a Samoan last name, and I guess it's caught on now ;) Anyway, "Sister Moe, you will be preparing your talk in Samoan, correct?" Uhhhh, was that a question or a statement?!? Haha, I of course smiled at him and said, "I oe (yes)." So, the whole week I have been writing a talk on missionary work, and thanks to the awesome members, at every dinner appointment they help me out, fixing my grammar, telling me how to say pretty much everything, haha! Then Sunday came along, and it happened! I'm pretty sure the whole congregation could hear my knees shaking. I told them that I had prayed for the gift of tongues as I spoke, and prayed that they would have the gift of interpretation of tongues ;) They thought it was pretty funny, so that's good. And then I began. It was a bitter sweet moment after Sacrament meeting when everyone started speaking even more Samoan to me, telling me how well I did, but then saying to me that when I keep it up I should be fluent in no time! Bah, no pressure, haha. I love the Samoan language, though, it is so beautiful. I feel so overwhelmed with love for this ward. I know that Heavenly Father has sent Sister Saena and me to this ward for a reason.

O te alofa lava o lea Tama Fa'alalagi - I love my Heavenly Father SO much!! 
I know this gospel is true, and I know that if we act on it's precepts we will see nothing but blessings from Heavenly Father. We need not ever have fear, because Christ will always lift our burdens, and Heavenly Father will always stretch forth His hand to pull us back to the straight and narrow. I love knowing that there is a plan of happiness for us, and I know that all those who read the Book of Mormon, and pray, with a sincere heart, WILL feel God's love for them, and will know the truth that has been restored upon the earth again. God loves us so much, and I pray that I will prove my love to Him by serving Him each and every day! I love you all!!!

 Fa Soifua,
 Sister Moyes

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