Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Family and Friends ALOHA!!

I cannot believe it is already the last week of this transfer. Every transfer goes by faster and faster!! I guess it doesn't help that last transfer was 8 weeks, compared to this one's 6. That being said, Sister Barnes and I have no idea what is going to happen next transfer. We'll find out Sunday night if we are staying together or not. We had interviews with President Dalton this past week, and he informed us that there will be 11 new full-field sisters coming into the mission, and another three going to the VC. That being said, anything could happen; especially with five new areas being opened in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission!! I love getting to see Heavenly Father's army of missionaries becoming stronger and stronger. So this week started out as a tough one. Our appointments kept falling through, we had to drop three investigators who we thought would be golden, we're still trying to figure out my health...needless to say, it was tough. BUT, one thing is for sure, as Sister Barnes and I have been working our hardest Heavenly Father has once again shown us the way.

Miracle #1

We had a set appointment with our deaf investigator, but his wife came to the door (whom is also deaf). I asked if her husband was home, and she, very nicely, but sharply, said that they were not interested, they are catholic, will always be catholic, go to church, and so her husband cannot meet with us anymore!! Bahhhh!! I just wanted to cry. He was so awesome, and seemed so prepared. Then a couple days later we go to visit another investigator who has been investigating for a really long time. She finally tells us that now is just not the time.Yup! THEn, so when Sister Barnes and I first got into this area, there was an investigator who had a baptismal date. Unfortunately there were some things that he didn't fully understand that had to be done in order for him to be baptized. Well, ever since we explained we had to postpone the baptism, he hasn't returned our calls. HAH, I promise it gets happy =) Well, of course Sister Barnes and I are devastated. All three were so close, but we knew that we had to focus on those who ARE progressing. Well, just yesterday at church, being fast and testimony meeting, a sister bares her testimony in Relief Society. She mentioned that this was her first time back to church in a really really really long time! She talked about how she felt like a terrible mother for keeping her sons away from the gospel, but is grateful that she is back, because she knows it is true. Well as soon as Relief Society was over I went to go thank her for  her strong testimony and to see if there was anything we could do for her, being that she just lost her husband. She responded in telling us that we could help her by coming and teaching her boys the lessons to be baptized! Our jaws just dropped. It was so amazing to truly see that if we put our trust in the Lord he will truly open doors for us. And he has!!

Miracle #2 

Sister Barnes and I have gotten super close with one of our members (Trixy)! She is a return missionary and does anything and everything for us. Well, as every family is in Hawaii, her's is super close and consists of a lot of aunties and uncles! We didn't have dinner one night and so she told us to come with her to a party for her cousins birthday. We get there and see choke members from our ward and others as well, and as always, just felt super welcomed as if we were family. When it's time for us to go Trixy tells us how a particular uncle never talks to the missionaries. He's not a member, and just doesn't talk to the missionaries even if they're around. But, cool thing was, he was talking to us and getting to know us and making sure we had enough to eat, etc. We didn't think anything of it until she told us this!! She said that maybe he is finally ready. Well, just yesterday she talked to her auntie, and her auntie said that he is ready to learn from the missionaries!! Whoo-hoo!!

Miracle #3 

Our 16-year-old investigator is still as solid as ever!!! 

Being a missionary is seriously the best. It's so hard, haha, and sometimes you wonder if you can do it, but when you keep going even during those times, Heavenly Father always shows us the way. I am so grateful to be a part of this work. It is true. I know that we are on this earth to learn how to rely upon our Savior Jesus Christ. When we do that, we can do anything; even when we think the windows are closing, there is always a door opening! Never be discouraged. As we keep the commandments and continually build our relationship with God, He will give us more than we will even have room for. Keeping looking up, because Heavenly Father is always there. Have another fabulous week.

Sending all my love and sun,
Sister Moyes

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