Wednesday, May 29, 2013



I'm pretty sure the mission can't get any better than it did this week! It was one of those weeks I will look back at for the rest of my life with a very large smile on my face. I know that this gospel is true, and I know that Heavenly Father is so mindful of every single one of us. WELL, lets cut to the point....SHANE IS BAPTIZED!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! It was the most BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, and AMAZING baptism...I really can't even think of words to describe it. Shane is so special, and we know that he is going to be such an example to those around him. The adversary's presence while preparing for this baptism was very apparent, but as always, Heavenly Father's power is greater. Satan did not want Shane being baptized, but I know that it was through Shane's faith and the many prayers that were said in his behalf that paved the way to his special day.  

Miracle #1 
I mentioned last week that contact between us and Shane has been very hard because he does not have a phone. He said that he was going to be baptized, but we still had a couple of lessons to teach him. He said he would try to make it to Laie on Friday, but we had no idea what time he would be coming, and neither did he. Well, about half an hour before Sister Toleafoa and I are supposed to hop on the tram for the PCC, he comes walking through the VC doors!! We were so stinkin happy....but we didn't know what to do because we had to go get on the tram.... but his baptism was the very next morning! Two sisters, Sister McKinney and Sister Petersen, who are absolute angels, took our tram for us while we stayed at the VC to teach Shane. We went through and retaught a couple of the commandments and then teaching the ones we had not yet taught.
He seemed to enjoy learning my method for the 10 commandments . It was such a powerful lesson. He just has such faith and has come to understand and LOVE the gospel. We asked him why he thought it was important to live the Word of Wisdom and he just responds, "Because God commanded it." We just love him and his desire to be obedient. He has such a strong testimony that if it is from God than it must be for his good! He's amazing. Hah, later that night was his interview, and Sister Toleafoa and I are sitting in the hallway of the stake center waiting. Elder Miller then pokes his head out and with a sad look on his face tells us that Shane has a Word of Wisdom problem! We couldn't believe it!! We to freak out a little bit when Elder Miller just laughs and tells us he's kidding. We look inside the room and Shane is just laughing! Had us scared! I don't know why I got so scared, because after our lesson about the Word of Wisdom I went to go eat a piece of candy and Shane says, "Now, Sister Moyes, is that living the Word of Wisdom?" Haha, we taught him too well.

Miracle #2 
The baptism was just PERFECT! Heavenly Father has such a way of showing His love for His children, it really is amazing! Sister Toleafoa and I ran to the BYU-H bookstore to get Shane's name engraved on a set of scriptures we got for him. As we head back out to our car we notice one of Shane's fellowshippers and our Ward Mission Leader playing games in this little field in the front of the school. After saying hello we find out that it was the Japanese club....PERFECT.  We asked them if they could announce Shane's baptism  for them to come to at the BYU stake center! SO many of them came.There were about 60 people in total at the baptism. We had him look back and look at everyone that was there, for him, he couldn't believe it! The musical number was perfect the speakers were perfect, the ordinance was perfect. Did I mention it was perfect? I will never forget conducting the music and looking at his face and seeing right in front of my eyes the different person that he was. This gospel changes lives.

Miracle #3  
The next day at church Shane was able to receive the Holy Ghost and be confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!!! YAYYY!
The one who gave the Confirmation blessing was Brother Goo. He was a former mission president in Hong Kong a Temple President and is now living in the Laie 4th ward. He is so awesome. In the blessing Shane was blessed to serve  a full-time mission and would afterwards find a worthy lady he would be sealed to in the temple. At this point Sister Toleafoa and I both have tears just streaming down our faces. There was nothing like it. He was told that he had a very special place in this church and would be able to do so much good! Bah, it was the neatest experience.

Miracle #4 
This one is for the Visitor Center. There was this couple who came in from the tram and just sat right down on the chairs in the Christus Room. I could tell they were not happy, and I felt very prompted to talk with them. I sat down on the little table in front of them and introduced myself mentioning I was from Indiana. We talked for a little bit, with them explaining that they did NOT know the tram was going to a Mormon temple. I then asked if they practiced a religion, with the response of Lutheran. I told them that my best friend when I lived in New Jersey was Lutheran...which is when I find out that they were from New Jersey! They really seemed to open up then! After being able to find common ground I asked them how having faith in Jesus Christ has blessed their lives. I knew there was no point in trying to bring up doctrines that we could disagree on, and it seemed to be inspired. We were able to talk about the blessings of Christ in our lives and how I get to teach people every day about Him. The wall they built when they walked into the VC was completely gone. It really touched me when before they left they said, "You know, although our doctrines might be different, it seems that what you are doing is really blessing people. God bless." I love the Visitor Center!! Although we may not be able to see every single person have the desire to learn more about the the restored church of Jesus Christ upon the earth today, I can know that they left that day having a better feeling about our church. Who knows, maybe when the missionaries come knocking on their door they'll let them in this time.

Alright, this letter is getting long enough, sorry! I am just in love with being a missionary and seeing the blessings that this gospel brings into people's lives. A month ago Shane had no belief in God. To him it was as if someone were to come up to you and say, hey, let us tell you about Bob. He is our sounds strange and perhaps crazy. BUT, God is real. He is there, and as we pray we will get to know Him for ourselves. When Shane prays he knows that He is praying to God and that his prayers will be answered. I am so grateful for blessing I have to witness these miracles every day! I know that as you all search for opportunities to share the gospel with those around you, you too will be able to see a change in people's lives. I love you all SO much! Thank you for your continual prayers!!
Alofa lava,
Sister Moyes

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Talofa my amazing family and friends,

SO, Last P-day Sister Toleafoa and I put together a c.d. of EFY songs that we could always have to listen to when we're driving to appointments. Little did we know how it would truly bless us. One of the songs is called "Mountains to Climb," with the lyrics reading: "Give me mountains to climb, give me rivers to cross, give me something that's gonna make me better than I was. Give me mountains to climb, cuz I know that it's taking me higher than I've ever been before." We loved the song and could not seem to get it out of our heads. We always found ourselves singing that song as we walked down the streets of Laie and Kahuku. We are told that singing hymns is a way of prayer. Well, I think Sister Toleafoa and I accidentally prayed for mountains to climb this week. Literally EVERY single person...investigator, member, part-member, less-active, was not home. This week was graduation for Kahuku High School, and like I've mentioned many a time, they go big in everything they do. So everyone has been caught up in preparing for graduation, setting up for graduation parties, or attending graduation parties. It's been super hard for the work. Needless to say, Sister Toleafoa and I got really good at drawing perfect zeros in our planners, haha! After a long day of trying to contact and a slow day at the Visitor Center we came home for only a minute to figure out what we should do. We both knew we could not do anything without the Lord. We kneeled down and prayed. We asked Heavenly Father if he could lead us to find someone that we could serve or teach. 

Miracle #1 
After we prayed we both sat there for a minute and felt prompted to go to the Hale's...pronounced Hall-lay's (BYU-H student housing...kind of like dorms). We grabbed the keys and headed to the car. Traffic was terrible because of graduation but we eventually made it. We thought maybe we were lead to the Hale's to see a new student who had just moved in, but she wasn't home, haha. About to head back to the car, one of our members that we have been working with comes out of the bathroom. We could see that she was NOT feeling well. We said hello and asked if she was doing okay. She said that she think she caught the stomach flu and was feeling pretty miserable. We told her to go lay down and we would be back in ten minutes. We went to the store and bought her lots of gatorade and saltine crackers =) We spent some time with her talking with her, trying to distract her, and then left her to rest. It may sound simple, but we were SO grateful for that opportunity to serve her. We saw her at church this past Sunday feeling 100% better with a glowing smile to her face that I had not seen since I had met her! It was so cool.

Miracle #2 

With Shane
So, Shane moved to Waikiki to go find a job until the fall semester starts. It made us kind of sad, but we suggested that he meet with the missionaries in that area who can baptize him there on his scheduled date. He then quickly responds, "No, I'm being baptized in Laie!" We were so surprised but with huge smiles to our faces asked if that was what he really wanted and he just says, "DUh!" haha. We could not have felt more honored. Then, this week, another mountain put itself in our path. Shane doesn't have a phone, so communication is very difficult. We sent two e-mails with no response. We were feeling really pressured because our Bishop, Ward Mission Leader, our zone leaders, district leaders, all asking about this baptismal date, and we couldn't give them a real answer. We continued to pray for him, and told everyone that the baptism would still happen. I can honestly say, there was never a doubt in my mind that his baptism wouldn't happen. I knew that if Shane was doing his part, and truly had that desire, it would happen. Well....while writing the beginning part of this letter I felt prompted to check our missionary e-mail. I look, and there is an e-mail from Shane. He said sorry that he hasn't responded, and that he said it is too hard to try to find a job in Waikiki so he is heading back to Japan on Sunday or Monday AFTER his baptism on Saturday!!!!!!! Sister Toleafoa and I let out a really big scream. It's taken me forever to finish this e-mail because we have been calling people like crazy so we can get this baptism set up and ready to go!! It has been so cool.

This whole week was filled with these mountains, but I am so grateful for the Lord, and for my amazing companion! I feel like our minds are always united as one and together we have been able to climb the mountains to take us higher.

There will always be challenges in our lives, but our Heavenly Father has promised in Doctrine and Covenants 121:7-9 that if we endure them well, He will bless us with more than we can imagine. I have seen that this week. It could have been so easy for us to give up, "knowing" that it would be impossible to find anyone home. BUT, as we truly endure to the end, having faith in the Lord, He will NEVER let us down...just as the song says, it will only take us higher than we've ever been before. I love this gospel so much. I know that faith will never fail us. Whether the blessings come now or later, the blessings of the Lord WILL come. Never be discouraged, because things will ALWAYS work out. Thank you for all your prayers and continual love. I can't wait to tell you about the baptism in next week's letter!! You all are the best!


Sister Moyes

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What A Week!!!

Mai and Me <3 (Convert when I was with Sister Sekona)
Family and Friends, Talofa!!!

Ah, life is so good! What a week. First sick with the flu, then Shane came to church with a white shirt and tie, then got to call my awesome/crazy family for Mother's day, and then, Shane said he would be BAPTIZED!!!!!! Oh, and I'm still serving in the most beautiful place I've ever been in my life. I feel way too blessed! Yes, I even feel blessed to have had the flu =)

Miracle #1 
Sister Saena came to Laie for a Hon-West Zone for a Temple Trip
I am so grateful for the ordinances and priesthood powers that have been restored upon the earth in these latter-days! On Wednesday after our interviews with President Dalton (my last interview with him before he goes home =/ ) I started feeling really tired and achy then began developing a soar throat along with a fever = the lovely flu. Ironically all of our appointments cancelled that day, and it was really slow during our shift, so I was able to sleep in our break room. Even before I did that, though, I felt very prompted to ask my district leader for a priesthood blessing, so I did, and I then went and slept. The next day we had exchanges, so it was perfect because Sister Toleafoa was able to still keep working with Sister Ogawa while Sister Kim and I stayed home so I could rest. I felt miserable not only physically, but that I was missing out on prime proselyting time. I was promised in my blessing that I would recover quickly, but I know that faith without works is dead. I honestly don't know if I've prayed harder my whole mission....I prayed so hard so many times those couple of days that I would be able to be healed so that I could do what I was sent here to do. It was the after two days of sleeping that I woke up the third morning and felt completely better. I felt a little weak from lack of food, but I know that the Lord answered my prayers, and blessed me with that healing. This was a very dear moment to me, but I share it because it was another miracle I have witnessed on my mission. It showed me just how important this work is to Heavenly Father. He loves His children so much, and it is through His servants that we can help bring his children back home. I am so grateful to be His servant!

Miracle #2 

My beautiful Companion
Shane is progressing SO fast!! Ahh, when Sister Toleafoa and I saw him in a white shirt and tie on Sunday, we of course started crying, haha. He not only has been coming to church every week, but to all the activities, AND came to a baptism on Saturday!!! We set up an appointment with him for Monday (yesterday), and it was the best lesson of my life. The Spirit was SO strong!! We told him from the very beginning that we wanted to talk to him about baptism, and how he felt at the baptism. He said it felt really good, that everything he is learning about just feels really good. He said he still doesn't know exactly who God is, but he is starting to understand that there is definitely something or someone watching over him!! It was so good! He said he still prays every day and is already many chapters into The Book of Mormon. We could not have been happier for him. Just looking at him now compared to the day we first met with him, bah, he's just so different, and so happy! After our lesson, teaching about what baptism really is, and what it means, Sister Toleafoa and I both felt very prompted to set a date with him. We invited him to be baptized if he came to know that God lives, and he said YES!!! The date May 25th came into my head, but Sister Toleafoa and I had never talked about a date, so I didn't want to just throw one out there that we didn't even discuss. So I asked Sister Toleafoa if she could grab her planner, she did, looked at it for about 3 seconds and then asked Shane, "What about the 25th of May?" Hah, I just smiled so big looking at Shane to see his response, as he then smiled back and said yes!! It is moments like that you can never forget! I could just feel how happy Heavenly Father was for him, and could just feel the blessings that He is preparing for Shane. There was nothing like it. After the lesson I told Sister Toleafoa how the 25th had come into my mind, and she said that it came into her head as well, but she had no idea if it fell on a Saturday or not. So she too was amazed when May 25th was on a Saturday, AND it was the date that I had felt was right. We are so excited, and cannot wait to see this gospel continue to change Shane's life. He has been through so much in his life, but through his growing faith, he is already seeing the hand of God in his life. This gospel is true =)

Miracle #3 

Just having fun at the PCC
This week at the PCC, there was an event called, "We are Samoa," where Samoan groups from high schools around O'ahu come to compete in different events such as coconut husking, basket weaving, and singing and dancing. Because our whole ward was there, we were able to go to it! It was so fun, I wish I could be Samoan! Hah, my ward members keep asking if I have any Samoan blood; I just love the Samoan people and the culture (especially eating with just your hands, haha. See Dad, all those years you told me not to eat my food with my's because of my Samoan blood). Anyway, it was really neat because I was able to see not only Alika (who Sister Sekona and I baptized) and then Losa (who was just baptized with Sister Saena and me), who was actually competing, but we ran into a couple of our investigators! It was such a good setting, too, because we were all just having fun and it was in a relaxed setting. So it was AWESOME!!!

What a week!! I really don't even know what more to say! I am loving this gospel more and more each day. It is so easy to get caught up in our own lives, but when we truly have the desire to serve God, whether we have a name tag on or not, He will always lead us along and help us obtain true happiness. The happiest moments on my mission have not been for "my" successes, but serving others and seeing others rejoice. I know that as we truly focus on doing what the Lord would have us do, we can be happy; no matter who we are, what our situation, when we forget ourselves and go and serve, we are happy! I am so grateful for that knowledge that I have!! So, I invite you all to continue to pray for those opportunities to serve or share the gospel, because it will bring a light into your day that will shine so bright that others will see it, and have the desire to obtain it! I love you all so much, and am so grateful for your prayers. Keep the Lord first =)

Love Always,

Sister Moyes

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


 Family and Friends, Talofa

Whew! I felt like it has been such a long week, but then again I can't believe it's already been a week. I guess the mission is funny like that. Hmm, don't really know where to start. I guess I'll start by saying this has been a very humbling week for me (maybe that's why it felt like so long). Coming back to the Visitor Center was a harder transition than I anticipated. When you're out full-field, it almost feels like the Visitor Center is looked down upon, that it's not "real" work, and the Laie Zone Leaders are jokingly known as the Relief Society Presidents because of all the Sisters that serve here. When I got back here I was still full of my usual energy and love for the Sisters that I was reunited with once again, but once the excitement of everything being new again died, I found myself looking back at being full-field and wishing for what I had before instead of looking forward to the journey that laid ahead of me in this work. 
When I first started having these feelings I printed out the talk by Elder Holland, "Remember Lot's Wife," given at a BYU Devotional many years ago. It speaks about this very thing, in not looking back, longing for the past, but looking forward with a willing heart to do ALL that the Lord wants us to do. I knew Heavenly Father wanted me to remember this scripture when it popped up in my personal study as well. I knew I needed to change my attitude and pray for help. Then, just as Heavenly Father always has, my endless prayers were answered. 

Miracle #1 
We had our usual ward coordination meeting with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife. After we discussed ward business, she shared a couple of her thoughts with us. She talked about something that was exactly what I needed to hear! She helped me remember and understand that we are merely God's instruments in His hands. The second we start thinking about ourselves we lose sight of God's greater plan; we lose sight of the bigger picture or an eternal perspective. So that was something I knew I needed to do...."Forget yourself, and get to work" (Pres. Hinckley's Father).  When I made the decision to do just that, and rely on the help of Heavenly Father as well as my companion, we finally saw the miracles we were fasting and praying for.

Miracle #2 
So, a story many know is that I had always wanted to serve my mission in Tokyo, Japan. I was convinced that was where I was going, so needless to say, I was a little shocked to see Hawaii on my mission call!...Hah, don't worry, it didn't affect my excitement for my call to come to Hawaii ;) Last week I mentioned our investigator, Shane. Shane is from Japan, and came to Hawaii not knowing what the future would hold, just that he knew he wanted to come here. Well, Sister Toleafoa and I have been really worried that he might become a former investigator real fast because of his complete unbelief in God. We didn't know what to do. We kind of felt stuck after our first appointment in teaching him that God is our loving Heavenly Father. We prayed and fasted for him and kept him in every prayer that we said. Well, we had an appointment with him this week and he opened up SO much, asking us such good questions! We finally were able to get him to tell us that although he doesn't believe in God, he would like to. We told him that the best way to know God is to pray to him! We invited him to pray, and he said yes!!! It was the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard. He so sincerely thanked Heavenly Father for sending him here to Hawaii to meet the missionaries. He thanked Him for being patient with him as he tries to learn about God. Sister Toleafoa and I walked out of the appointment crying. It was such a dear moment for us....and it doesn't end there. On Sunday, in Sacrament meeting (which is the last hour of church), he comes and sits with us as if we had been friends for years. He was singing the hymns, and said he genuinely liked listening to the testimonies. After church we set an appointment with him, and then....HE invited US to go and play volleyball on Tuesday night (tonight)  with some people in the ward!! Our minds were blown, but we felt so honored. We know we have to start small and simple in teaching him, but we are already seeing the seed begin to grow. 
I am so grateful for the trials God gives us. He knows what will help us to grow and become who we need to be. I know that I cannot ever look back at the past, but look forward. "Remember Lot's Wife." Remember that God has a plan for each and every one of us. Remember that if we are keeping the commandments and willing to do as he asks, we need never fear, but feel full of hope and peace. Although the adversity we might face today, I know, and am a living witness, that it will always be for our good (D&C 121:7-8). I love you all so much!!! I feel your prayers, and pray for you all daily. Have another miraculous week =)

O te Alofa ia te oi,

Sister Moyes

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My wonderful family and friends, Talofa Lava~
First Day Together

It is my first week back in the Visitor Center in Laie, and it has definitely been an adventure. There were so many changes made while I was gone, including getting 10 new Sisters in the VC. It's been an adjustment big time, and it has definitely been hard trying not to think about my investigators back in Honolulu and Maui, but I am already seeing why I am needed back here in Laie =)
My companion, Sister Toleafoa, is AMAZING. She is a big ball of energy and a heart of gold! She was born and raised in Western Samoa, so she is teaching me a lot about hard work as well as teaching me the language. We're trying our best by posting notes in our pad on various objects labeled in Samoan. My favorite one being, "tagata seilili," prounounced tah-ngah-tah say-eelee-eelee....meaning: New Investigator =)

Miracle #1 
After S. Toleafoa and I did our week plan, we decided to go see an investigator that Sister Sekona and I had taught when we were in this ward. We went to go see her (Lua), and she wasn't home. As we were driving out of the driveway and down the street, we see her walking home!! I was so excited to see her again. We had taught her and her brother for baptism, but were waiting for the okay by both parents for baptism; and that still being the case. We pulled beside her and her face just lit up!! I told her that I was back in the Samoan ward, and we want to prepare her for baptism! She just jumps up and says, "Like, right now!!!!?" I'm pretty sure if we had said yes she would have made sure she was ready in less than two minutes, haha. But we told her of course not right now, but, hopefully, soon! We set an appointment with her and said goodbye! Sister Sekona and I were so sad when we found out that they would not be able to be baptized quite yet, and so I am praying that now is the right time, and that I will be able to witness her and her brother's baptism before I ever (if ever) leave this ward. At that moment, I knew that I was meant to be back here and especially in this ward. 

Helping Hands
Miracle #2 
I had another moment helping me to feel reassured that I am supposed to be back here in the Visitor Center. We had run into multiple Samoan families coming in to the VC from Honolulu!!! I, of course, having been in that ward, tell them about where our chapel is and the time of the services.  One particular family left us with their contact information so that the missionaries (Sister Saena and her companion) can teach them. It was perfect, I don't know how else we would have been able to connect with them.  We even made the connection of some friends that they have, that attend that Samoan ward, my previous ward,.  But, if I hadn't served in that ward, and if I wasn't back in the VC to tell them more about the ward, who knows how long it would have taken them to find the missionaries.  I called Sister Saena immediately so that they can teach their family!

Miracle #3 
Sister Toleafoa and I were attending Sunday school in our YSA 2nd ward and a member walks in with a friend (obviously not a member) and sits right next to us. It was all too perfect. After Sunday School, the member turns to us and introduces Shane to us. We immediately get to know him, finding out that he is from Japan. The second those words came out of his mouth another member comes over and asks, "Wait, who said they're from Japan?" And Shane admitted that he did. The member (Dillan) then starts speaking fluent Japanese to him, having just gotten home from his mission in Japan. Once again, perfect!! We were able to set up an appointment right then and there, and have a 'fellowshipper' for Shane as well. There have been so many times this week that are constant reminders of Heavenly Father's perfect plan, and I am so grateful that I get to be a part of this missionary work.

"Elder Bernal" from the PMG The District  DVDs was on our tram!!
In General Conference, Elder Nelson talked about "catching the wave of missionary work," Of course, we missionaries in Hawaii,  loved the theme of the talk, but it means even more to us as we have seen the difference it is making in our wards. Our wards are beginning to truly focus on "catch the wave" of missionary work. I know that without the members there to help us and support us, to be fellowshippers, to smile and say hello to a stranger at church, to reach out to the less-active, this work would not continue on. We must build the kingdom of God, and focus on gathering ALL of God's children together as one. I know that when we all catch the wave of missionary work lives are changed and forever families are made. I am so grateful to be a part of this great work. I know it is true, and I know it will bless our lives!! I love you all, and love getting your e-mails and letters! 

Sending all our sunshine,
Sister Moyes