Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What A Week!!!

Mai and Me <3 (Convert when I was with Sister Sekona)
Family and Friends, Talofa!!!

Ah, life is so good! What a week. First sick with the flu, then Shane came to church with a white shirt and tie, then got to call my awesome/crazy family for Mother's day, and then, Shane said he would be BAPTIZED!!!!!! Oh, and I'm still serving in the most beautiful place I've ever been in my life. I feel way too blessed! Yes, I even feel blessed to have had the flu =)

Miracle #1 
Sister Saena came to Laie for a Hon-West Zone for a Temple Trip
I am so grateful for the ordinances and priesthood powers that have been restored upon the earth in these latter-days! On Wednesday after our interviews with President Dalton (my last interview with him before he goes home =/ ) I started feeling really tired and achy then began developing a soar throat along with a fever = the lovely flu. Ironically all of our appointments cancelled that day, and it was really slow during our shift, so I was able to sleep in our break room. Even before I did that, though, I felt very prompted to ask my district leader for a priesthood blessing, so I did, and I then went and slept. The next day we had exchanges, so it was perfect because Sister Toleafoa was able to still keep working with Sister Ogawa while Sister Kim and I stayed home so I could rest. I felt miserable not only physically, but that I was missing out on prime proselyting time. I was promised in my blessing that I would recover quickly, but I know that faith without works is dead. I honestly don't know if I've prayed harder my whole mission....I prayed so hard so many times those couple of days that I would be able to be healed so that I could do what I was sent here to do. It was the after two days of sleeping that I woke up the third morning and felt completely better. I felt a little weak from lack of food, but I know that the Lord answered my prayers, and blessed me with that healing. This was a very dear moment to me, but I share it because it was another miracle I have witnessed on my mission. It showed me just how important this work is to Heavenly Father. He loves His children so much, and it is through His servants that we can help bring his children back home. I am so grateful to be His servant!

Miracle #2 

My beautiful Companion
Shane is progressing SO fast!! Ahh, when Sister Toleafoa and I saw him in a white shirt and tie on Sunday, we of course started crying, haha. He not only has been coming to church every week, but to all the activities, AND came to a baptism on Saturday!!! We set up an appointment with him for Monday (yesterday), and it was the best lesson of my life. The Spirit was SO strong!! We told him from the very beginning that we wanted to talk to him about baptism, and how he felt at the baptism. He said it felt really good, that everything he is learning about just feels really good. He said he still doesn't know exactly who God is, but he is starting to understand that there is definitely something or someone watching over him!! It was so good! He said he still prays every day and is already many chapters into The Book of Mormon. We could not have been happier for him. Just looking at him now compared to the day we first met with him, bah, he's just so different, and so happy! After our lesson, teaching about what baptism really is, and what it means, Sister Toleafoa and I both felt very prompted to set a date with him. We invited him to be baptized if he came to know that God lives, and he said YES!!! The date May 25th came into my head, but Sister Toleafoa and I had never talked about a date, so I didn't want to just throw one out there that we didn't even discuss. So I asked Sister Toleafoa if she could grab her planner, she did, looked at it for about 3 seconds and then asked Shane, "What about the 25th of May?" Hah, I just smiled so big looking at Shane to see his response, as he then smiled back and said yes!! It is moments like that you can never forget! I could just feel how happy Heavenly Father was for him, and could just feel the blessings that He is preparing for Shane. There was nothing like it. After the lesson I told Sister Toleafoa how the 25th had come into my mind, and she said that it came into her head as well, but she had no idea if it fell on a Saturday or not. So she too was amazed when May 25th was on a Saturday, AND it was the date that I had felt was right. We are so excited, and cannot wait to see this gospel continue to change Shane's life. He has been through so much in his life, but through his growing faith, he is already seeing the hand of God in his life. This gospel is true =)

Miracle #3 

Just having fun at the PCC
This week at the PCC, there was an event called, "We are Samoa," where Samoan groups from high schools around O'ahu come to compete in different events such as coconut husking, basket weaving, and singing and dancing. Because our whole ward was there, we were able to go to it! It was so fun, I wish I could be Samoan! Hah, my ward members keep asking if I have any Samoan blood; I just love the Samoan people and the culture (especially eating with just your hands, haha. See Dad, all those years you told me not to eat my food with my's because of my Samoan blood). Anyway, it was really neat because I was able to see not only Alika (who Sister Sekona and I baptized) and then Losa (who was just baptized with Sister Saena and me), who was actually competing, but we ran into a couple of our investigators! It was such a good setting, too, because we were all just having fun and it was in a relaxed setting. So it was AWESOME!!!

What a week!! I really don't even know what more to say! I am loving this gospel more and more each day. It is so easy to get caught up in our own lives, but when we truly have the desire to serve God, whether we have a name tag on or not, He will always lead us along and help us obtain true happiness. The happiest moments on my mission have not been for "my" successes, but serving others and seeing others rejoice. I know that as we truly focus on doing what the Lord would have us do, we can be happy; no matter who we are, what our situation, when we forget ourselves and go and serve, we are happy! I am so grateful for that knowledge that I have!! So, I invite you all to continue to pray for those opportunities to serve or share the gospel, because it will bring a light into your day that will shine so bright that others will see it, and have the desire to obtain it! I love you all so much, and am so grateful for your prayers. Keep the Lord first =)

Love Always,

Sister Moyes

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