Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Talofa my amazing family and friends,

SO, Last P-day Sister Toleafoa and I put together a c.d. of EFY songs that we could always have to listen to when we're driving to appointments. Little did we know how it would truly bless us. One of the songs is called "Mountains to Climb," with the lyrics reading: "Give me mountains to climb, give me rivers to cross, give me something that's gonna make me better than I was. Give me mountains to climb, cuz I know that it's taking me higher than I've ever been before." We loved the song and could not seem to get it out of our heads. We always found ourselves singing that song as we walked down the streets of Laie and Kahuku. We are told that singing hymns is a way of prayer. Well, I think Sister Toleafoa and I accidentally prayed for mountains to climb this week. Literally EVERY single person...investigator, member, part-member, less-active, was not home. This week was graduation for Kahuku High School, and like I've mentioned many a time, they go big in everything they do. So everyone has been caught up in preparing for graduation, setting up for graduation parties, or attending graduation parties. It's been super hard for the work. Needless to say, Sister Toleafoa and I got really good at drawing perfect zeros in our planners, haha! After a long day of trying to contact and a slow day at the Visitor Center we came home for only a minute to figure out what we should do. We both knew we could not do anything without the Lord. We kneeled down and prayed. We asked Heavenly Father if he could lead us to find someone that we could serve or teach. 

Miracle #1 
After we prayed we both sat there for a minute and felt prompted to go to the Hale's...pronounced Hall-lay's (BYU-H student housing...kind of like dorms). We grabbed the keys and headed to the car. Traffic was terrible because of graduation but we eventually made it. We thought maybe we were lead to the Hale's to see a new student who had just moved in, but she wasn't home, haha. About to head back to the car, one of our members that we have been working with comes out of the bathroom. We could see that she was NOT feeling well. We said hello and asked if she was doing okay. She said that she think she caught the stomach flu and was feeling pretty miserable. We told her to go lay down and we would be back in ten minutes. We went to the store and bought her lots of gatorade and saltine crackers =) We spent some time with her talking with her, trying to distract her, and then left her to rest. It may sound simple, but we were SO grateful for that opportunity to serve her. We saw her at church this past Sunday feeling 100% better with a glowing smile to her face that I had not seen since I had met her! It was so cool.

Miracle #2 

With Shane
So, Shane moved to Waikiki to go find a job until the fall semester starts. It made us kind of sad, but we suggested that he meet with the missionaries in that area who can baptize him there on his scheduled date. He then quickly responds, "No, I'm being baptized in Laie!" We were so surprised but with huge smiles to our faces asked if that was what he really wanted and he just says, "DUh!" haha. We could not have felt more honored. Then, this week, another mountain put itself in our path. Shane doesn't have a phone, so communication is very difficult. We sent two e-mails with no response. We were feeling really pressured because our Bishop, Ward Mission Leader, our zone leaders, district leaders, all asking about this baptismal date, and we couldn't give them a real answer. We continued to pray for him, and told everyone that the baptism would still happen. I can honestly say, there was never a doubt in my mind that his baptism wouldn't happen. I knew that if Shane was doing his part, and truly had that desire, it would happen. Well....while writing the beginning part of this letter I felt prompted to check our missionary e-mail. I look, and there is an e-mail from Shane. He said sorry that he hasn't responded, and that he said it is too hard to try to find a job in Waikiki so he is heading back to Japan on Sunday or Monday AFTER his baptism on Saturday!!!!!!! Sister Toleafoa and I let out a really big scream. It's taken me forever to finish this e-mail because we have been calling people like crazy so we can get this baptism set up and ready to go!! It has been so cool.

This whole week was filled with these mountains, but I am so grateful for the Lord, and for my amazing companion! I feel like our minds are always united as one and together we have been able to climb the mountains to take us higher.

There will always be challenges in our lives, but our Heavenly Father has promised in Doctrine and Covenants 121:7-9 that if we endure them well, He will bless us with more than we can imagine. I have seen that this week. It could have been so easy for us to give up, "knowing" that it would be impossible to find anyone home. BUT, as we truly endure to the end, having faith in the Lord, He will NEVER let us down...just as the song says, it will only take us higher than we've ever been before. I love this gospel so much. I know that faith will never fail us. Whether the blessings come now or later, the blessings of the Lord WILL come. Never be discouraged, because things will ALWAYS work out. Thank you for all your prayers and continual love. I can't wait to tell you about the baptism in next week's letter!! You all are the best!


Sister Moyes

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