Monday, April 1, 2013


Family and friends, Talofa!

I have so much to say about this week!! Sister Saena and I were really nervous because of my getting a lame cold, but it was still one of the best weeks of being in this ward. Just some house keeping business:
  • Thank you EVERYONE for the birthday wishes; especially my mom&dad and siblings! You all are the best!! There is no greater feeling than knowing you are loved, and I especially felt that from you all on my birthday. So thank you!
  • I think I'm becoming a pro at Volleyball! Haha, every Tuesday our ward gets together after Mutual acitivites and meetings and such and plays volleyball! It's been so fun, not only because it's volleyball, but because we have gotten so close to the members here, and we feel like we truly have their trust now!!
  • I got an update as for my investigators in Maui!! Alll five are officially baptized!!!! Ahhh, I started crying when I found out! There is no better feeling than being able to teach Heavenly Father's children and seeing their lives change as they enter into those waters of Baptism! Being a missionary is the BESTTTT!!
On that note:
This is Losa on my right, and Victoria on my left =)
We had another lessons with our investigator Losa, who is best friends with Victoria! We committed her to being baptized on April 7....this Sunday!! It has been so amazing teaching her. At first she was very very closed off to us, and didn't want to answer questions we would ask occasionally througout our lessons. Then as the lesssons went on we started doing different things with her outside of just the lessons, such as playing volleyball, and as a result have all become so close! She explained to us that she was really closed off because she felt like she was being forced into taking the lessons. Well, time after time, we told her how much we loved her, and how much Heavenly Father loves her and wants her to return to Him again. She of course knew all of that, but we then explained that although baptism is essential in entering the kindgom of Heaven, it will do no good for her if she is just doing it because everyone is telling her to. We both wanted to make sure that she was ready to make this sacred covenant, and she did, too. She has expressed to us that she knows this gospel is true, and finally feels ready. SO April 7th is that day =) Sister Saena and I cannot wait!!

 Sister Saena and me
When our food went everywhere in the car!!!

We get way too much food!!!

Miracle #2 
This past weekend was Youth Conference for the youth of ages 14 and up in our stake! It was a really great turnout! Sister Saena and I, along with our Zone Leaders Elder Hall & Elder Carrell, would do a workshop on Missionary Work. We started out not exactly sure what was expected of us. We knew that the coordinator wanted the youth to write their testimonies for us to place inside copies of The Book of Mormon, but with the remaining 20 minutes we weren't sure. We had about 7 sessions each a half our long. As we collaborated we decided to talk simply about what exactly a testimony is, and give the youth confidence in sharing it with others! It sounded good...but then it was really hard to get their participation. There were always the select few who would raise their hands for in response to every answer, but we wanted to make an impact, and get the youth involved. We were doing out best, and hoped that would be enough. Well, this past Sunday, for Fast and Testimony meeting, four young men, probably about 14 or 15 years old, got up to bare their testimonies. One of the spoke and said, "At youth conference I went to a workshop that really inspried me. They taught us about sharing our testimony and taught that we can gain one and strengthen it by sharing it, and I really wanted to be able to do that." He then continued by sharing his testimony!!! It was so awesome. It was something so simple, but I always love thinking about the power of one. There will be so many times in our lives when we do our best, and try to be a good example, and might feel like it didn't make an impact. Well, I can testify that even if you help one person, it is so worth it!!

This transfer I am reading the New Testament. I decided that if I wanted to be a great teacher and missionary, who better to learn from than our Savior Jesus Christ? My testimony of Him grows stronger and stronger each and every day as I read about Him and the life that He lead focused on serving others. He not only served them, but He taught so powerfully and yet so simply! He was not afraid to proclaim the truth and that He was the very Son of God sent on the earth to redeem us from our fallen state. Easter had a different meaning to me than it did before, this time around. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. He lives, and I know that!! I know that if we follow Him, and walk in His footsteps we will truly receive everlasting joy. I am so grateful that He died for us, but more importantly that He rose again! I am so grateful that His church has been restored upon the earth once more. Live by it, and see if it does not only bless your life! I can testify that you will see the fruits that come from your labors of following Him. As a representative of Him, I testify of these things, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. I love you all, and know that God does, too! Have a great week!


Sister Moyes

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