Monday, April 8, 2013


Ahh, another amazing week in Hawaii!! This one was definitely one to remember for so many reasons! General conference was amazing, of course, but I cannot express my gratitude to Heavenly Father for blessing me to be in this ward. We are seeing so many miracles, not only in our area but from our ward. BUT, first and foremost......
Miracle #1

Bah, it was the best baptism ever! SO many of our members in the ward came to support her and congratulate her. There is nothing like it, standing there on the side, watching the person entering in the water, knowing that the life they start as they come out of the water is a new one, a clean one!!
Losa was radiating as she came out of the water. There was just a peace that was felt. Hah, typical Losa....I asked her how she felt, and her first response was, "...hmm, Hungry!" Haha. We love her so much!! Don't worry, afterwards she told us how good she really felt. It was perfect. Just as everything about this gospel is.
Miracle #2 
So this kind of goes along with Miracle #1, but I wanted to put Losa's baptism first =) When we were at Losa's, planning the baptismal program, her Sister and Sister's husband (whom she lives with) were sitting there with us. I asked Losa's Sister if she would like to speak, and she admitted she would rather not. Then we asked the husband, and he immediately said, "No, I want YOU to speak."

I turn to Losa, and she just starts laughing, and then I look back, and he says that he is serious! Then stating that he has never let any missionaries teach Losa the gospel, but the way he saw us interact with Losa, he said he knew that Sister Saena and I were the missionaries to teach her.
So, yes, I once again, gave a talk in Samoan at her baptism. I butchered so many words, but could not have felt more blessed than I did when the Bishop gave His last remarks saying how blessed the ward is to have Sisters to teach Losa, and saying that he wished that "Sister Moe" could stay in the ward forever!! Bahhh, of course I started crying.
I've become such a baby!! It was just one of those moments where you can truly feel Heavenly Father's love in knowing that you are doing what He needs you to be doing.
Miracle #3
We committed Pauline to a baptismal date of May 4th !!!
Miracle #4 
Although things are going very well in the ward, and we have been able to see many less-actives come back, our teaching pool has been struggling a bit. The first few weeks we were in this area we were able to find many new investigators! It was awesome! But, one of the hard things about here in the area is that everyone works to support their family. We have set appointment after appointment with them, and they continue to not be home when we go over or calling asking to reschedule; the cause being getting called into work for extra hours. SO, Sister Saena and I decided that we needed to fast. I love fasting. My testimony of it has become so strong as I have been serving the Lord. He truly answers our prayers and blesses us for the sacrifices that we strive to make. That night we received a call from some Elders in another zone (one that we cover as well). They said they tracted  a man whose name
is......Alma. Hah, yeah! Apparently his grandparents were the first people to be baptized into the church in Samoa. He was interested to know where his name came from as well. The Elders said that Sister Saena and I would love to come by and teach him and his wife more...AND he said yes!! We cannot wait to begin teaching him, and the great significance that his name has.
Back in Maui
I love this work so much! I love my companion and baby, Sister Saena. She teaches me SO much every day, and I could not ask for a better companion at this time. She is so full of love and patience, and I know that those we teach can feel it when she she teaches. I am so grateful the scriptures and the opportunity I have to read them and study them each and every day! I know that by reading the Book of Mormon my testimony of Jesus Christ is strengthened, and I can truly feel the armor of God around me! I know that it is because of your prayers that I am able to do this work. I love Hawaii, I love being in the Samoan ward, and I love my Savior Jesus Christ! I know that as you look for the tender mercies in your life, you will have another wonderful week! SEKIA SAMOA!

Sister Moyes
Pictures from Maui at Oliver Decano's Baptism

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