Friday, June 8, 2012


Aloha!!! This week has been absolutely crazy! 

Just a P.S., My P-day for this transfer is on Monday, and friends as well as family are more than welcome to email me at !! If you want a response, be sure to leave your address.

So Sister Rodriguez and I cover three wards: the Married Singles 6th Ward, the YSA 2nd Ward, and the BYU 1st ward here in Laie. I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of weird serving in single's wards, haha, but the work is just as good. And it helps that Sister Rodriguez already served in the YSA 2nd ward, so EVERYONE loves her! So we got our dinner appointments with no problem, haha. We are currently teaching a lot of less actives, and one investigator, hopefully soon to be two! One of the guys in our YSA ward is living with a roommate who is not LDS, so we're gonna get a lesson set up with him!! At the VC you get so many opportunities to share you testimony, and it has been so great. Sometimes you don't think the person would have any interest, and then you give them a referral card and they self-refer themselves!

One man came in all the way from Belgium! He said there was a building in Belgium that looks just like the temple, and so he was driving by and wanted to learn more about it. So we taught him about the temple, and how it plays a key role into our eternal happiness, and the blessings that come from it. We asked him questions, and continued to see what he was feeling. He just said it was really cool, and he liked how uplifting and positive our message is; especially with the world, today. So we then asked if he wanted to learn more about the gospel when he returned to Belgium, and he said, yeah, why we gave him a card, and sure enough put his contact info for us!! It was pretty neat.

OHHHH andddddd!! I gave a deaf tour!!!! I was a nervous wreck the whole time, but it was so cool. I was able to teach about temples, and the priesthood, and the whole time the husband of the couple was just super interested, and I continued to ask him if he wanted to keep learning more, and he said sure! So I did. Then at the end of the tour, I grabbed a referral card, asking him he would like to learn more from representatives in his area (he's from Chicago), and sadly he said no =( Even more sad, during one of our PCC tram tours, a couple from Australia was talking to me the whole time, and asking me a ton of questions. I ended up teaching them the Restoration, because they wanted to learn more about Temples, so I taught the restoration, explaining the restoration of the Priesthood, leading to temples...oh and Sister Rodriguez was giving the tour during this time....I cant' give them yet because I don't have anything memorized, haha. SO I asked the couple at the end if they wanted to learn more when they went home, and both said yes, definitely! I explained to them that if they could fill out their cards we could do that. At the end of the tour, everyone got off the bus, and we took everyone's cards, and when I went through them afterwards, I found hers. She had checked a box saying she would love to have missionaries come teach her more about Jesus Christ. She left her name....but no number or address =( Bah, but I hope that if the opportunity arrives, they will be prepared for other missionaries.

I think the biggest reason this week has been so crazy is because my bestest friend and companion Sister Johnson got really sick =/ She is in the hospital, and will be for about another month. If everyone who reads this can keep her in your prayers, that would mean the world to me, as well as her and her family. She is seriously one of the strongest, most amazing Sisters/girls I have ever met. It has been really heartbreaking not having her here with me right now, but I know that as we continue to have faith, and pray for her, and ask for God's will, that everything will turn out for the best! After she is stable enough to fly, she will be sent back home to Salt Lake so her family can be with her while she is in the hospital. But, please please PLEASE keep her in your prayers, so that hopefully she can come back out soon!! 

So the reason this is titled 14 miracles, is because our Zone/district (same thing in this area) which is absolutely amazing...has a goal of 14 Baptisms this month. Our whole mission has a "high water-mark" of 100, and so if every companionship gets one baptism, we can totally get that! Every night everyone in the zone calls into a conference call at 10:14 to have zone prayer, and we always chant 14 MIRACLES, 14 MIRACLES, 14 MIRACLESSSSSS!...before hanging up, haha. So I invite everyone to pray, that we can get those 14 baptisms, or 14 miracles. This is about those people having a true conversion to come unto Christ...and that can be counted with baptisms. I know that Baptism by immersion, through the proper authority of God, is the gateway to Eternal salvation. It is through that first covenant and commandment that we can follow the path towards God. I am so grateful to be here, and so grateful for the people in this mission who have blessed my life. I'm noticing every day how imperfect I am, but am so grateful to know that I can renew my baptismal covenants each Sunday through the Sacrament, as well as getting down on my knees, asking my Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ's name, for forgiveness. I know that this gospel is true, and I know that as we continue to follow the spirit, and strive to have it in our lives, that we WILL feel peace and joy in all things...even our trials. 

I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for the wonderful examples I have in my life. Keep those letters coming! Until next week! 

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