Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Aloha family and friends!!
Today's e-mail is going to be super short, I'm sorry! This week has been kind of slow at the Visitor's Center and in my area, being 4th of July week. Nonetheless, I was still able to see some miracles. Yet again another girl from Indiana came in this week! Her parents totally brushed me off, but she and I really connected. She is from Evansville, Indiana, and currently stationed here at Pearl Harbor for the navy. She explained that her parents had never pushed her towards any religion, but loved how peaceful and inviting this one was (this was as we were looking at the pictures at the temple corner exhibit). We talked some more, and I invited her to fill out a referral card so that the missionaries can teach her more about how this gospel can bless her life, and she said she would really like that. I was so excited and happy for her!

So, 4th of July was AMAZING! As a Zone we all got together and with the help of the Senior Couples, we had an amazing barbecue. Oh, did I mention it was POURING raining? Haha, you'll see the transition in the pictures, because my hair is down, then i grab my hoody, then we get drenched, eventually causing me to just put up my hair. Good times, good times! But we had plenty of fun playing in the rain, sitting around listening to people play the Ukulele, learning some fun hulas and taking a thousand pictures! I think it was something we all needed.

Transfer Week!!! Can you believe I'm already starting my second transfer Ahhhhh! This is going by way too fast! It was kind of crazy because Hermana Rodriguez and I got switched out of our area. We're kind of bummed about that, because we absolutely LOVEEEE the amazing people we're teaching. We had to tell the sad news to our YSA ward last night at FHE. We had been asked to teach the lesson, so after we did that we said our goodbyes. Luckily, everyone still lives down the street, so we'll still get to see a lot of the people. I'm pretty excited for my new area, though. Everyone says it's super hard because there are a lot of non-members, and they will NOT let you in. I'm excited to see what miracles could come our way. We are in a biking area, as well, which I'm way pumped for. This past area we had a car. It's going to be AWESOME! Oh, and P.s. my next letter won't be until next Friday. My new P-day is on Fridays!!!

It's definitely been a really hard couple of days for all of us here at the Visitor's Center because everyone absolutely loves the dying Sisters: Sister Lee and Sister Moon. It seriously is not going to be the same without them =/ But I guess that's the mission life, right? Alright, everyone, I've got to get going, but I know this gospel is true. I know that the guidance and clarity I have in my life has come through understanding our loving Heavenly Father's plan of happiness for us. I invite you all to read Doctrine and Covenants Section 100 verses 5-8, and then go out and share you testimony with those you come in contact with. We have this great blessing and knowledge of eternal happiness, go out and let the world know of this glad message! I love you all, and love getting letters from so many. Have an amazing week!!


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  1. Hey Annie! it's been so cool to read your experiences so far and I hope you are having an amazing time, I can tell the Lord is working through you in some pretty incredible ways. I just wanted to say hi and tell you I'm thinking about you and praying for you, I hope things continue to go well and you keep growing in the Lord's love for you :] have a great July!
    Lisa Dunnivant