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Howz it? So remember how last week I mentioned our new zone goal was (Double of Nothin) 28 baptisms??? So far we have 11, and then we have SEVENTEEN tomorrow!!!!! Pretty awesome! We need your prayers that all 17 will happen!! Then we have one more after that to finish the month off. We will have a total of 30 baptisms or should I say, 30 MIRACLES for this month just in our zone, and shootin for a total of 125 for the mission.  I cannot even begin to describe how happy we are as a zone. President Dalton about had a heart attack when he found out we were doubling our high water mark at Zone Conference!

So my first Zone Conference was this week, and it was more than I could have hoped for. The training we did was so helpful and so useful. I have already been able to see the blessings from applying it in the field. 
Let's see, well, the area is going good. We have loved getting to know the members in our ward, and absolutely love our Ward Mission leader and his wife ( The Pukahi's). They are really helping us find fellowshippers for the less-actives, as well as helping us find new investigators. Our BYU wards are kind of crazy, because school just started up, and one of the dorm's (Hale's) is being renovated, and so our members are spread out all over the campus dorms....but we're hoping that as soon as the new Bishop is called, we'll be able to get a better grasp on helping the students.

We had some pretty neat miracles this week, though:

Miracle #1-7: Hermana Rodriguez and I decided while we were planning for our daily goals for the following day, that we wanted to have five self-referrals in the Visitor Center during our Tram Tours that we give. So we prayed that night for five "SR's," as well as the next morning, during breakfast, lunch, etc. We headed out to the Polynesian Cultural Center to do our tours, and received 2 just on our first tour. Mind you, it's hard to just get one sometimes. The next tour we received 3 more = a total of 5. We still had 2 more tours for the day, so we were super stoked to see how this was going to end. We both said a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for these five self-referrals, but we felt that there were going to be more people prepared for us in our upcoming tours. The next tour we gave, half the group was from Quebec, Canada...where my parents served their missions, and the other group was from Mexico (Spanish speaking). Hermana Rodriguez spoke with the people from Mexico, and I got to know the big group from Canada. They thought it was the coolest thing ever that I knew where Quebec was, and that my parents were able to live there for a little bit. I had explained why my parents were there, that they, like me, were representatives of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They asked me to tell them more!! So I taught them a little bit about the Book of Mormon, then explained if they wanted to learn more, there are still missionaries in that area who would love to teach them about the gospel. The group (being a big family) handed in a card saying they were interested, and then I later come to find out that the family from Mexico also self-referred. It was such a testament to me that if we have a righteous desire, and have the willingness to take action, Heavenly Father will prepare the way for us! 

Miracle#8: SO from the Self-Referrals we receive in the Visitor's Center, we get to keep in contact with those people or families even while they are being taught by the missionaries in their area!..which makes this calling even better. So a family that self-referred to us, one of the girls is being baptized next week, and the parents are still taking the lessons and willing to continue! Also, a member had given us a referral, so we called him, asked if the missionaries could teach him, he said yes, and I have been in contact with him ever since. I called him yesterday, and he has a baptism date for August 23rd!! I asked how he was feeling, and he said, you know, it just feels right. I loved that. Sometimes (I know I do it for sure) we make things way more complicated than they really are... and for him, after praying and reading the scriptures as well as going to church, he knew that this is part of God's plan for His children. Simple, but awesome!!!

So there are definitely some perks of being on your mission in Hawaii where there are members who absolutely love the missionaries. ONE, after a dinner appointment, they give you all of the left overs, and more, haha. TWO, one of our members works at Kualoa Ranch. Which, for those who do not know what that is, that is where a lot of movies have been filmed, such as Pearl Harbor, the show Lost, Jurassic Park, 50 first dates, and a ton of other ones. So we got to go on a bus tour that drives through the filming areas and up through the mountains. You stop at these bunkers that were used in WWII, and we were able to walk through those as well. Moral of the story, it was AMAZING! 

Anyway, I hope I'm not boring you all. Just know that the work here in Hawaii, is good. It has been so easy to see that days we don't work our hardest, we don't see miracles. The days we work with 100% effort, the Lord shows his trust in us with people to teach! I know that as we put in our effort to do that which is asked of us, that Heavenly Father is ready and prepared to give us the blessings He has in store for us. I love this gospel, and I KNOW that God is my loving Father in Heaven who has a perfect plan for each one of us. All we have to do is keep His commandments. Welp, it's about that time, but I love you all, and love this work. 

Have a great week!! 

Sister Moyes

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