Sunday, August 12, 2012


Aloha everyone!

So, I know how every missionary comes home claiming to have gone to the best mission in the world...but I don't know. I seriously cannot even express how blessed I am to be serving here. Well, this week has been pretty exciting. Everyone is starting to get nervous, because next week is the last week before transfers, and so we never know what is going to happen with that. Then, last night President Dalton (mission president) and his wife, took the whole entire zone and the assistants, to the prime dining and the night show at the Polynesian Cultural Center as a gift for doubling our high water mark for baptisms. Lots of food + most amazing cultural entertainment of your life= amazing. 
Also, Hermana Rodriguez and I had some awesome tours this week and have a pretty cool story for our area!
So, this was probably my favorite experience of the week. This little girl, who lives down the street, is in the Samoan Ward, comes into the visitor's center asking if she can watch this video presentation we have that is called God's's my favorite. Anyway, we take her in, she's probably about 11 years old, and after the presentation, you end up in this large room, where we get to talk to the guests about their thoughts and feelings about the presentation. So we talked to her and after talking about the video, asked her what brought her to the VC today? She said that she was at the park with her "friends," and that they all thought it would be funny to sneak off and leave her. So she looks up from reading her book, and they're all gone. So the sweet little girl told us that she knew that she could come to the temple grounds into the VC and feel okay, because she knew that God loved her. Bah, at this point I'm just crying! We told her that she was exactly right, that God loves her SO much, and that he will NEVER ever leave her. I felt impressed to ask if she wanted us to say a prayer with her, and she said she would love that. So the three of us knelt down in prayer, as she asked if I would offer it. You could truly feel God's love for her while we were praying, it was indescribable. 

An experience that happened while we were doing the tram tours... I had talked to this guy before he got on the bus with his son, a college student. Then while at the Visitor's Center another Sister was talking to him, so I went over to join the conversation. He asked some really awesome questions, and I told him that he should definitely have the missionaries over and teach him! We handed him a referral card, and said that he might fill out on the bus...I was pretty bummed, because usually that means they don't want to. The other sister left, and the tram had come, so the three of us walked outside to get on the tram bus to head back to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Well, we got talking more and more about why I was on a mission, and he asked if it was hard being a missionary. I told him that it can be, but that I had my testimony, and that when it comes down to it, that is all that matters. He totally agreed, and said how awesome that was, and told me to never let go of that, because no one can ever take it away from me. He was so stinkin nice. Then he kind of looked at me (at this point the bus is full, and we're driving back), and said, you know, I bet they feel so lucky to have a missionary as energetic and happy as you are. I thanked him, but told him that that happiness comes through the gospel, and told him he really needed to fill out that card so the missionaries could come teach him how he can have that happiness, too. I reassured him that I would be in contact with him and his son the whole time, if they felt uncomfortable at first, and told them that I would be there to answer any questions along the way. He said he would really like that, took out the card and filled it out. I felt so happy for him and his son and can't wait to see what happens!!
Alright, then a couple of days ago we were at Subway, and I sat down with my food waiting for the other Sisters that came, and this lady asked me if I was going to eat my whole entire foot-long! Haha, I told her that the whole thing would definitely be gone before I left. She laughed and thought that was awesome! So then I kept talking to her, then she saw my name tag and asked if I was a nun. Hah, typical question around here. I told her I was not, explained I was missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months! She thought that was so cool. After getting her name, she continued to talk to me, and tell me that life was really hard right now, but loved our faith in God. We told her that He can help get through any hardship she is experiencing right now, then asked if I could get her name and number (she doesn't have permanent address) so that we could teach her more! She loved that, and said absolutely!!

I wish I had time to tell more of the miracles that happened this week. Seriously, it was ridiculous how many  we were able to see. I know that none of it would be possible without Heavenly Father. I love knowing I can pray to Him, and I love that we have the Book of Mormon that shares words of guidance and hope, as well as the promises of eternal happiness as we endure to the end. I love the Book of Mormon so much, and love how the spirit is able to work through that book to touch the hearts of those we teach. I love that I get to preach this gospel every day, and love seeing the gospel change lives!! This next week is my last week in my area and then I will be made an "online sister" for two transfers. There, Sister Millett and I will be teaching people through chat, for majority of the day, the exception being our VC shifts. So, I'm kind of nervous/excited for that, but it'll be good!! Well, family and friends I love you all so much, and would love to keep hearing from you =) Don't forget you can e-mail me whenever you want at: , haha. 
Have an awesome week!!! 

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