Saturday, August 18, 2012


Alohhhhhaa beautiful friends and family :) 
. . .and did I mention the bugs?
This week, just like many others has been so awesome and so much fun. My favorite quote from our Zone Leaders, "If you're not having fun on the mission, you're doing something wrong." It's so true! I don't even know where to begin (as always). I just love Hawaii. I cannot get over how amazing the people here are.

Anyway, some stories from this week: 

Alright, there is a family who is very very inactive, pretty much done with the church, refuses to let home teachers or anyone come by to visit them. Hermana Rodriguez and I did not know those details until last night, though! Well, two weeks ago, we were walking through our area, and the husband of that family was outside with his daughter getting ready for a barbecue, and we started walking up the driveway and we said 'Hello!' He was hesitant, but walked towards us, and we explained to him that we are new to the area and just getting to know the members some more. He explained that he didn't go to church anymore, so that's probably why we had never met him. We kind of brushed it aside and just got to know him, and asked him more about his life and his family. He shared so much with us!! It was so good. Well, President Dalton has asked us to use the "prayer" approach, in that we ask the family if we can say a prayer with him and his family and then ask for a return appointment. After talking for a really long time, and after he willingly told us of all of the non-members that lived around him, we asked if we could say a prayer with him. Without hesitation, he said Sure! So we did, then asked when would be a good time we could come back to share a 5-7 minute message with him and his family. Sadly, he said that he didn't think his wife would want that, but said thanks anyway.....come to find out, when we were over for dinner with our ward mission leader, they told us that no one from the ward had spoken with him in years, and that it truly was a miracle that he let us even talk to him, let alone say a prayer with him! Made my day! BUT there is more! So, when he was telling us about the non-members that lived around him, he mentioned a family from South Africa that had moved in!.....
WelllllL, we were having dinner with the Kontoes, when the husband mentioned he served in South Africa! I immediately asked if he had met the South African family down the street!! He said he had bumped into them once before, but that was about it. So, of course, Hermana Rodriguez and I committed them to reach out to them and share the gospel with them in one way or another (family home evening, dinner, church activities, etc.)! They accepted, and told us that they were actually really excited to talk to them about the gospel. We have been praying for the Kontoes all week for an opportunity to share the gospel with them, and cannot wait to see what seed has been planted!

So, Hermana Rodriguez and I are really bummed out that this is our last P-day as companions. We have seen so many miracles together! One of which is that we are still alive :) Hahah, last night we were walking home from dinner, and we thought we should maybe see if a certain family was home. We had never been to their house before, but it was down this long driveway...and it was about 8:00 pm. So we start heading down the driveway, and all of the sudden a cat jumps in front of us, and this dog starts barking SOOOO loud at us!! We both just screamed and ran! Hahah. Come to find from Sister Sekona that that particular dog has a tendency to bite people! Wish we knew that sooner, hah. 

There have been so many tours in the Visitor's Center and every time we pray for a certain number of self-referrals we always end up with that exact amount on that day !! Heavenly Father loves working through his servants! And I am so blessed to be one. I love Hawaii, I love the people, and I love learning more about sharing the gospel every day!! This gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and I love proclaiming that every day. I have never felt happier in my life. Well, next time you hear from me, I will be on my third transfer, and will no longer be, for lack of a better word, a greenie! 

Love you all, and love the support and prayers I feel every day!!!! 

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