Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Aloha family and friends,

Christmas Pictures

I am very sad to report that as of today I officially only have 9 months left on my mission. Where does the time go? There is so much to do, and so little time! It's definitely time to step up my "A" game and work harder than ever!! It's a new year, and we're already seeing so much happen. Just some little updates of Hawai'i. It's freezing here. Yes, freezing, haha. I've turned into a huge wimp with the non-stop wind and rain during this winter season. But it makes it easy for knowing what to do with your hair in the morning...nothing! =) The Polynesian Cultural Center as well as the Visitor Center are busier than ever, and so we pray that as we continue to apply our training and studies that we will see even more miracles.


Miracle #1 There is a potential investigator in our area. She is married to a less-active member of the church, and they are both in the Army= super busy = never home. I spoke with Sister Fong, who served in this area for 4 transfers and she said she was never able to contact her or her husband (the member). Well, Sister Tsai and I planned to go see them after visiting some other families, so we walked down the street to their house. Lo and behold, the husband was sitting in his garage on a couch. We walked up the driveway saying Aloha, then he reached out to shake our hands...this was so good! We asked if he was busy right now, and he said he was actually just about to head inside to get ready, so we asked him what time we could we come and share a message with him and his wife. He said he was okay, and not to worry about it. I then remembered that his house was one of the houses that was hosting food and desserts during New Years! I asked if I was correct in remembering being here for that, and he said yes, and he was glad we were able to come and enjoy it! Well that got conversation flowing, and allowed us to leave on a really good note with him! It was such a miracle that not only was he outside, but that we stopped at His house for New Years not even knowing who's home it was. I know that there are no coincidences, and that we are truly being guided every day by Heavenly Father to help bring His children into the light of truth and knowledge.

Miracle #2: So, this one is pretty sweet (and short). In our BYU-H ward we have an "eternal" investigator. He is from Japan, has been taught all the lessons, only hangs out with Return Missionaries, but for whatever reason just has not wanted to be baptized. So many Sisters here in Laie have taught him (for 2 years), but as missionaries we know that the desire to be truly converted must come from him. Well, we get a call from our Distrtict Leaders who tell us that he is being baptized this Saturday. We didn't really know what to think. Apparently he talked to his friend (the Elder's Quorum President) and told him that He wanted to be baptized, and wanted to know how soon it could happen!! They immediately called up the Bishop, met with our district leaders for a Baptismal Interview, and so we had a baptism this Saturday! It was so awesome.

Miracle #3: Being an online sister was such a blessing of an experience, and I am still seeing the results from it. I don't know if you recall a miracle from when I was online about a girl from Canada who we chatted with and committed her to be baptized (after having many dates, and investigating the church for about 6 months now) on the first of December. Well, we received an e-mail from her informing us that she did indeed get baptized on that day, and sent us pictures!!! We could not have been happier! I love this gospel so much. It doesn't matter how it is taught, what is important is having the spirit when we teach so that it can teach the hearts of God's children. What was even more ironic was in the picture, the Elder who baptized her was my zone leader in the MTC!! So that was pretty cool. This gospel is so true.

I am so grateful to be serving a mission. And I am so grateful for everyone who is preparing to serve soon! The work we are doing is so important. The gospel changes lives, and it brings meaning and purpose to people as they understand their role as a child of God. I am also so grateful for all of our faithful church members who share the gospel through their example as well as their words. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored upon the earth. It is true, it is happy, and it is pure. Be bold in sharing the gospel by showing others how it brings happiness into every aspect of our lives. I know that my Savior lives, and I know that I am a daughter of God on His errand. I love you all, and continue to pray for you in finding opportunities to be missionaries as well. 

Until next time! ALohaaaaa!!

Sister Moyes

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