Monday, February 18, 2013


Cousins and Friends,
Hola, Kumusta Po, and ALOHAAA!!

This letter is going to be pretty fast because of time, but I could not be happier with how this work is going!! There is nothing like it. I think if I had to put a theme to this week it would be 'picking mangos'. Sister Barnes and I were tracting and we walked by these ladies who were picking mangos with this pull stick (because they are so high) and we offered to help. Well, let me just tell you, it's harder than it looks. The fruit is ridiculously high, the pole or stick is heavy, and half the time when you put all your effort into getting the ripe mango, you only get the little baby one's that aren't even ready. But, when you finally do get the big and ripe mango it makes everything worth it!!

The past couple of days, we didn't really see much success in tracting, and almost all of our appointments fell through, someone was sick, or working, so on and so forth. It's so easy to get sad or disappointed, but Sister Barnes and I knew that we were doing everything we could and that Heavenly Father would make it all worth it in the end in letting us finally pick a ripe mango. Which he did.
After none of our investigators came to church, and every appointment fell through for the day, we had one last appointment with a 16-year-old boy who's mom was a former investigator, and the Sisters before us had tracted him out. We were there for the follow-up appointment, and we taught him about the 2,000 stripling warriors. We taught about faith and willingness these young men had to be exactly obedient! He loved the story! At the end of the lesson we invited him to put his faith in Heavenly Father by following the example of Jesus Christ and being baptized!! He accepted and we set a date for the 29th of March!! He is the sweetest boy ever, and we can just see him on a mission in a couple of years. We now have 4 investigators with date! It was the best way to end our week and our day. 

I am so grateful for the challenges that Heavenly Father gives us. I know I say that a lot, but it's so true. I am grateful for my trials that help me grow stronger and help me appreciate the good things so much more. I love mangos, I love serving Heavenly Father in the beautiful state of Hawaii, and I love this gospel!! I send all the sunshine I can, and hope everyone has the best week!!

Love you,

Sister Moyes

p.s. I'm having to learn Spanish, too!! Oi, should have paid more attention to my companions from Philippines and Guatemala!! 

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