Monday, February 4, 2013


Aloha cousins!!
I'm so excited to share with you that we just got transfer news, and
I am being transferred to the Island of Maui!! CHEE-HOooo!!
This is so crazy. Six VC sisters are going to full-field and we are getting five brand new Sisters, with the sad day of seeing my mom and trainer (Hermana Rodriguez) going back home to Guatemala. I feel like she just trained me and her time is already up! So crazy. I don't even know how to react to all of this. I know that I am called to go where the Lord needs me, and I am so excited to teach the people in Maui! With that being said, we still had some sweet miracles this week.

Miracle #1: Our baptism from a couple of weeks ago, he was able to pass the sacrament to Sister Tsai and me in church on Sunday! It was the coolest thing ever, and there is no greater joy than seeing someone progress in this gospel. It is true, and it brings true happiness that lasts forever!! 

Miracle#2: The good part about being in the Visitor Center is planting seeds. The better part about being in the Visitor Center is seeing those people leave their information on our guest card interested in learning more. AND the BEST part about being in the Visitor Center is getting to contact those guests, sharing your testimony with them, and they express to you that they would love to have the missionaries teach them about how they can show their faith in Jesus Christ by joining HIS true church on this earth!! That happened this week with a woman from Oregon, and it all started simply from coming on our tram tour from the PCC into the VC! I am so grateful to be serving in a Visitor Center where I am able to not only plant seeds, but see others truly draw closer to Christ. There is nothing like it!!

Miracle #3: So last week I wrote about a miracle of a couple who came in! I talked mostly with the woman and she said she wanted to be baptized. Well, when giving her a guest card, she didn't give us any information, but she agreed to have missionaries come visit her. That's always hard to get the card back and they don't give any contact information. Well, we had a miracle. The VC directors take the Sisters who were able to get the most self-referrals from the week out to go get ice cream, haha. So they took us. We were walking into the ice cream shop when a woman and man start waving at us! I take a double take, and it is the same couple!!! We were able to set an appointment at the VC for 12 on Friday. The sad part is, they didn't show up...BUT, that's okay, because it was a testimony builder to remind me that if we are doing everything we can, Heavenly Father will guide us and help us find those who are lost. We continue to pray for them that they will come back to the Visitor Center to be taught =)

Major Flooding this Week
I am so grateful for this wonderful week. I have never felt other's prayers more than I have this week. Sister Tsai and I had such a blast our last week together, and were able to have such a strong unity. I know that Heavenly Father sees who we can become, and if we are willing to trust Him, the trials we have are to build us and help us grow. Then, when we have overcome them, we can look back with no regrets! Don't ever forget that you can simply get down on your knees and pray. Heavenly Father will lift you up and make you stronger. I know this to be true. I am so excited for the miracles I will be able to see in the "full-field," and look forward to see what the Lord needs me for. I love you, and miss you all, but know that all is well! 
Until next week in Maui, ALOHHHHHA!
Sister Moyes

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