Friday, September 21, 2012


Talofa family and friends!!

Are you surprised to know that this week was yet again another amazing week? It started out kind of rough because I got pretty sick =/ But all is well. I decdied that the only thing that helped take my mind off of things was just working. I'm doing like 90% better, so that's good! But nonetheless, we were still able to see the coolest miracles ever. I wish I could convey how perfect everything worked out. 

But before I tell you our miracles, I would like to note that I have officially been accepted into the Samoan community! Sister Sekona and I were at dinner with a family, and they served us fish and lamb, and corn beef. Welp, the fish was literally taken out of the water, onto the grill, and then on to my plate. Haha, I looked at my companion, and she told me to eat up!! Without any utensils to use, the Sister is sitting there waiting for our approval of the taste of the fish, so I just pick it up and eat awayyy. All I have to say is, it is a very very good thing I like fish!! She was so impressed that a Palangi (white person) would eat everything she served us :) I was happy. It is so worth it, though. Most of these families don't have much, and what they do have, they seriously prepare it all for the missionaries when we come over for dinner. I love Polynesians!!

Updates: Alika, Mai, and Lua are all getting baptized on the 29th! So it is going to be one busy dayyyyyy! There were just a few logistics that had to be worked out, but they're all ready to go now! They are all doing great, and progressing so well. Every time we teach them we are just amazed by how prepared they have been to learn about the gospel. But keep them in your prayers :)

Miracle#1: Alika had to cancel his appointment in need to work on a group project, but Sister Sekona and I felt very impressed to still go over to his house because his uncle mentioned that he had some nonmember boys living with him. So we stopped by, and what do you know, there was a nonmember there!! We asked if we could teach him a lesson, he said yes, we got a return appointment, NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! So amazing.

Miracle#2: On our tram, Sister Sekona and I were kind of bummed because we only had a couple of people on our tram tours that night, but our last tram we were completely full, and there was a lady I was able to talk to for a while, and after talking and helping her understand more about the gospel she said that she would definitely be interested in learning more about the religion! So awesome. Then, as I'm walking back to the tram I caught up with these two girls visiting from Russia, and they were so excited and amazed by the temple!! She asked what it was all about. I told her it is a place where man and woman can be sealed or married for more than just this life, but for all eternity. She asked if I was kidding! Haha, I told her I was definitely not, and told her that if she made certain preparations she could be married in there some day!! She said that she definitely wanted to be married for all eternity. Both friends self-reffered one on eternal families and the other asking for a copy of The Book of Mormon! It was such a blessing. Especially seeing someone as excited as they should be!! The temple is amazing!!!

Miracle#3: Because of being sick, I've had to take naps this week. Well, I forgot to set the alarm, so we woke up about 10 minutes late for our dinner appointment, so we go to park the car a block away from the house. We get out of the car, and a family, who we had been trying to get a hold of for about a week now, was right about to get into their car!! We called their names, and their faces just lit up!! They were so excited to see us because they got a new phone number and were unable to contact us. We set an appointment, and met with them yesterday, teaching the whole family about Lehi's dream! Oh, btw, this is the same family that got married, and came to church after not having come in forever!! I seriously love them. They are doing so much right now to make things right in their lives, and the Lord is truly blessing them.

Heavenly Father has taught me so much this week. Every day we are seeing people change, and witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ transforming lives! It is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Heavenly Father loves His children so much!!!! I feel so grateful to be here, and can't wait to see what miracles lie ahead in this next week and half with Sister Sekona before she goes home!! Then, yet again, another transfer = / Time is too fast. 

I love you all, and appreciate everything everyone has done and is doing for me. I love feeling your prayers. Have a great weekend, and don't ever forget that you are a child of God!!

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