Thursday, September 27, 2012


Talofa : )

Hello amazing family and friends!!! I cannot even believe this will be my last letter before yet another transfer =/. It is definitely a bitter sweet time; especially with my amazing companion and friend, Sister Sekona, going home. We have definitely been doing everything we can to make sure she finishes her mission with a BANG! It has not been easy, but it has been so worth it :)
To update on my being sick the past couple of weeks, I was finally able to get to the doctor and was diagnosed with a lovely sinus infection, ear infection, and bacterial infection in my throat!! YAYYY! Hah, I feel like a real missionary now ;)

As for the work, thank you everyone who has kept our investigators in your prayers!!! I know that everything would not have fallen so perfectly in place without them! You all are amazing. All three, Alika, Lua, and Mai are getting baptized this Saturday!! It's been insane getting everything set up and ready to go, but I know we couldn't have done it without the Lord's help. It is such a testimony to me to see how much Heavenly Father loves His children! Mai is progressing like a rocket and has such a strong testimony of this gospel! Her family back home in Vietnam, although not members of the church, have been SO supportive! Sometimes I feel like Lua is teaching us. Whenever we ask her questions like: "What does it mean to you to know there is a living Prophet on the earth today?" She can just go on and on of different ways it has already blessed her life! She's amazing. Alika is just awesome. He simply knows that this gospel is true, and because he knows that, he is willing to do all that the Lord has asked of him. They are being so blessed...I can't wait to send pictures next week so you all can put faces to the names : )

The Visitor's Center and the tram tours at the PCC have been so good. Even though there are not as many people at the PCC, our self-referrals somehow manage to go up. We feel like it is because we are able to talk to the guests on a more personal level when there are less people; so it's still going good! I had the most amazing experience on Monday with one of my tram tours. There was a man and his wife and kid, and the man had so many awesome questions! So I took him to the temple corner in the VC, where it shows the restoration of the gospel. I began teaching him the rewind...After we show the guests the 5 minute History Video of Laie, they only have about 7-10 minutes to look around and take pictures. BUT,as I was teaching him, I could not deny the feeling as if time had stopped! I was able to teach him so much, and when I looked down at my watch only about 6 minutes had passed by. It was the coolest experience ever. Anyway, after teaching about Joseph Smith, he then, so sincerely, asked if there was a still a Prophet today? I told him absolutely! He was amazed and continued to thank me for sharing this with him. I then testified to him that I know that God's church has been restored upon the earth again, and that Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to return to Him. I then testified that I know Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that he did translate The Book of Mormon, and that The Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He, speechless, just looked up and said thank you for everything, this has been amazing! We, with the wife and child walked to the bus together, and then He asked, so where can I buy a Book of Mormon? My heart totally skipped a beat!! I told him that on the guest card we will pass out, he can check that he would like a copy of it, and that we would have missionaries come by and bring him one for free! He was so happy, thanked me again and hopped on the bus. I had never had an experience like that before. It is so amazing how the spirit can teach and testify simply through our testimonies!! I love being a missionary : )

I wish I had more to report for this week, but it has just been super busy running around and teaching the gospel! Hah, the beautiful mission life : ) Sister Sekona and I are speaking in our Samoan Ward on Sunday for 25 minutes each, so that should be interesting. Please wish me luck and pray for me, haha.  I love you all SO much, and feel so blessed every day to be here doing the Lord's work. In the words of Mai, "Wow, we are so lucky to know the truth!" She is so right. Every day I feel so blessed that I know the truth of God's plan for us; a plan of happiness. I know that as we follow the Prophet, especially with conference coming up this next weekend, holding steadfast to the Iron Rod (1 Nephi chapter 8), we will gain eternal life. I love this gospel, and I love you all.

Mahalo nia loa!
Sister Moyes

P.S. Sister Fish, Sister Looney, Sister Sekona, and I are playing/singing an arrangement we created on the Ukelele's of "Love at Home" for our musical fireside we're hosting this Sunday : ) So excited!

P.S.S  AND, when we were at Kahuku Grill a couple of nights ago, we walked by a family and one of them said, "Sister Moyes!?" I turned and was confused, but said hello! They're last name was Moyes, too!! They're members, just dropping off their daughter at BYU-H from Arizona! So that's the family I have a picture with : )

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