Saturday, October 6, 2012


Aloha family! 
We just got transfer news, and I will be doing my missionary work online for the next two transfers :) I feel so blessed for this exciting time that will allow me speak with people whose interest has peaked with the Presidential election going on these next couple of months. I know that I have been prepared for this assignment for this exact time!

My new companion is Sister Gamba :) She is so amazing. She has been out one transfer more than me, and is the sweetest and happiest girl alive. She is from Manila Philippines, and we're excited to get started on Wednesday. On that note, it's been an emotional roller coaster ride beginning to say goodbye to my beautiful, humble, and loving companion Sister Sekona. I know that the Lord blesses us with friends and family in our lives to build us up and help us become who the Lord has intended us to be. My P-days are now on Tuesdays! So I'll be back on next Tuesday to let you know how the new area is! 

As for the baptisms, I'll have to fill you in with those next Tuesday. Unfortunately, Lua was not able to be baptized =/ But Alika and Mai were, and they were both beautiful baptisms. After Mai got dressed and came back in the room and sat down. I looked at her and asked how she felt. She just looked at me smiling and simply said, "I don't think words could describe how I feel right now."

 I know this gospel is true. Don't be afraid to open your mouth and share it. I used to be afraid that I might offend someone or say something "politically incorrect," but this IS the truth. We know that!! And I know that nothing will ever change that. You never know who will ask you to share more! I give you all that challenge. It is definitely not easy, but Heavenly Father will always bless you for it in the end. I say these things in Jesus Christ's name, Amen.  I love you all, and continue to pray for you every day. Mahalo Nia Loa!!

Mahal Kita (Love you= in Tagalog),

Sister Moyes
PS-  I actually will have a P-day this Friday, then starting next week will be on Tuesdays :))) LOVE YOU

Hey family and friends, again! 

Mom wasn't sure whether to post my last e-mail on the blog or not, so I'm going to use that for this week's post and just send awesome pictures from the baptism and the fireside, and everything else to go with it! Don't worry, I have yet another P-day on Tuesday, so I hope you don't get too sick of hearing from me!  

So, Sister Sekona called me this morning before she got on the plane. That was definitely harder than I thought it would be =/ Probably one of the hardest goodbyes I've had to say in my life, but still feel so blessed to have been her companion for her last transfer. 

Online is going good so far. We haven't really had any chats with people who are actually interested, just trolling. So that's kind of a bummer. There was one guy who chatted with us yesterday and he is super interested in learning more because of Mitt Romney. We were able to chat with him for a while, but the only thing is, he already chatted with sisters before (some other VC) and he said that they sent missionaries to give him a copy of The Book of Mormon. The reason he came on chat was because the missionaries hadn't arrived yet. The only thing is, he doesn't know the name of the Sisters he talked with. So we grabbed his e-mail, said we would e-mail him in a week, and if the missionaries hadn't shown up yet, then we'll resend it! So who knows what could come out of it! If the missionaries never show up then we'll have to contact Salt Lake, see if the referral was ever entered in, and if not, then we'll have a new investigator! He seems super prepared, and all of his questions were just so sincere. It was weird because I didn't know you could feel the spirit so strong simply through chatting with people online, but you really can. It's so cool. 

Sister Gamba has been amazing! She always makes me something for breakfast: eggs, smoothies, fruit, etc. And she is helping me lose all the weight I gained from being in the Samoan ward by running with me every morning, haha. She's awesome. 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I love you as always, pray for you daily, and miss you all the a good way :) You all are amazing, and I know I wouldn't be here without any of you.  Have a great weekend, and I'll talk to you all on Tuesday :)

Ofa Tu, (Tongan)

Sister Moyes

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