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Aloha my wonderful Family and Friends! 
Every day of my mission I wake up feeling so blessed. There are mornings I wake up looking out the window to the bright blue sky as the wind brushes through the palm tree leaves and feeling overwhelmed with how blessed I am to be here. I then have to redirect my thoughts in remembering that I am not here for me, but to be a servant of the Lord...but I sure am grateful that I can be His servant in Hawaii. I know that no matter where we are, as we take time to look around us at the good that we have, our days will be so much brighter!

I've realized there have been many times throughout my mission where I think, "It can't get better than this," but then it always does. Sister Bradley and I have seen time and time again the Lord's hand leading us along; and we are so grateful. I know that wonderful miracles that we witness are not a product of what we do ourselves, but through diligence and a willing heart the Lord is working through us. 

Miracle #1 
Na'ili with Pres and Sister Dalton
Na'ili is definitely getting baptized this Saturday, June 22nd!! I cannot express what a miracle this is. Na'ili has made a complete 180 change in her life and is a living example of what it means to be converted unto Christ. We love her SO much; she has truly become our best friend. At one our appointments we asked her how she is feeling about her baptism on the 22nd. She admitted she was nervous, because she knows that she doesn't know everything, but simply said,"But you know what, I know it's right, so I need to just do it!"
We LOVED that she said that. "Just do it," is our transfer theme this month for the Hawaii Honolulu Mission. Sister Bradley and I just looked at each other with huge smiles on our faces and gave her a big hug! Na'ili has changed so much in her life and we have seen her change as she has accepted to do the will of God. I know that if we choose now to ALWAYS do what He commands us to do, we will see the blessings come. Na'ili is so special, and we're so grateful to be a small part of her life. We're so excited for this Saturday, and could not do it without the support of the ward as well. We're moving the point!!

Miracle #2 

When we are at the PCC giving tours on the tram bus we might have one tram, MAYBE two on a really bad day, that leave empty with no one interested in riding. Yesterday, Sister Bradley and I did not have a single tour (yet). We were really bummed, but we said to each other and prayed in our hearts that we would have at least one tour, and it was going to be the best tram with lots of people willing to be taught the gospel =) That tour was one of the most spiritual tours I have ever given. When the guests get off the tram bus at the temple grounds, we invite them to come into the VC to watch a 3 minute film about the blessings of the temple, or they are welcome to walk around the grounds as well as the VC. There were only 5 people out of the 35 or so who were interested in watching the film. I went into the theatre, pre-set the film, and let it play.
Past Companions
When it ended I went again to the front of the theatre to post-set. Usually I will talk about how the temple blessed the people of Laie, but I felt very strongly to bare my testimony. I testified that the temple truly is the house of the Lord, and that I have been blessed and drawn closer to God through the promises that we make in the temple. I invited those guests to learn more about the temple and this gospel, and see how it will bless their lives! Whew! That never happens! We still have to be careful in how we teach some of the guests, but I knew that this was what I needed to say.
Sister Jones and her Trainee, Sister Kim
The guests walked out the theatre to walk around until the bus came including an older woman and her daughter. I KNEW that I needed to speak with them. We started talking a little bit, but then the daughter says to me, "You know, I love the Mormons. Every one of my Mormon friends are so happy and so kind, I just love them. Everything about them seems good; and I've especially felt that here at this temple!" She told me that she had one concern that had stopped her from learning more. She expressed to me what it was, and with the help of the Spirit we cleared it right up! She then responds, "Oh, yeah it wasn't explained to me like that before!" I asked if she would now be interested in meeting with missionaries to learn more about the same happiness she saw in her friends. She just looked at me and said, "Yeah, okay!" I love being at the Visitor Center! What a blessing to teach people who come in just on vacation, and they leave with an increased faith in God and Jesus Christ having accepted an invitation to meet with missionaries! I LOVE it!

I know that it is so important as members of the church "to be a living modern witness," that Jesus is the Christ, and that it is through Him we can find peace and joy. Na'ili and this woman from the tram, both have been introduced to the gospel through member friends! As missionaries, we are only a small piece of the puzzle...we need everyone to be that witness, to be that shining example, because whether we notice or not, people do watch us. May we strive to be better every day. I know that when we trust that Heavenly Father only wants our happiness, we can have happiness in our lives, despite our circumstances! Be a missionary, open your mouths and share the gospel. I know it can be scary, but I know that if you JUST DO IT, you will NEVER regret it. I love this gospel so much! I am reminded daily of the small amount of time I have left on my mission...but I know that my mission will never end, because I will always be a missionary. I know you can be, too. I love you all, and wish you the best! Until next week...

Sister Moyes

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