Wednesday, July 24, 2013


AloHA Family and Friends!

This week has just flown by so fast. I still cannot even believe it! Seems like every day is getting faster and the work harder! Where to start? 
Well, Sister Bradley and I have been in a trio companionship the whole week, so that's been CRAZY! Sister Mckeever has been serving on the big island, but when she came back to serve in the VC she did not have a companion yet. She is going to be training a new missionary, but she doesn't get in until tonight = we have been covering five wards for a week! YAY! Haha, it's been fun, but we've definitely been all over the place. What can you expect on a transfer week, though, right? 
Alright, let's get to the fun stuff! MIRACLES!!!

Miracle #1 
Last transfer I mentioned how we were able to recreate a baptismal record for a 13-year-old boy in our ward. We'll call him Anthony. I think I mentioned that Anthony has been less-active ever since he has been baptized at the age of 8, so we have been praying to find ways that we can bring him back to church. Whenever Sister Bradley and I go over there to invite him to church he always politely rejects the invitation. We found out that there is a family (members) that he has become really close with that live across the street from him. The second we found that out we gave them a call to see what we could do. They too invite him to church, but for some reason he has not been coming. Well, our prayers had finally been answered. This Sunday Sister More walks up to us and tells us that Anthony came to church with them and planned to stay for all three meetings. We immediately went to go talk to him after Sacrament meeting, and there was just something different about his countenance; not to mention the white shirt and slacks he was wearing! We asked him how he was doing and how he had enjoyed sacrament meeting!....He responded by saying, "Well, I still don't think I'll do the whole tucking my shirt in thing, but I'm thinking about learning how to pass the sacrament!...even though it still freaks me out." We all just laughed together, Sister Bradley and I, full of joy, saw that his heart had been changed. We cannot wait for the day that we will be able to to see him holding the Priesthood and passing the sacred ordinance of the Sacrament!

Miracle #2 
After our VCTM (Visitor Center Training Neeting) on Monday morning we usually just head home and do our studies. Well, our area had just been given brand new bikes, so instead of going straight home, we had to go to the senior couple's pad to pick up the bikes. We walked up to the pad to get them, when we realized that we had no shorts or leggings to wear underneath our skirts to ride the bikes. We stopped by Sister Millett's pad who so kindly gave Sister Bradley some biker shorts, but that was all they had. We knocked on the next pad over and no one was home. Then we knock on the next one, where Sister Yoo and Sister Mark opened the door. I asked them if they had any shorts to spare with Sister Mark responding in a whisper of a voice, "...yes..I have some..." Her voice was GONE. I was shocked and asked Sister Yoo what had happened; she had gotten laryngitis. Then Sister Yoo excitedly asked us, "Ooh! Can you do the tram for us tonight!!?" We said of course, not knowing the miracles that would come from taking those trams. 
      Miracle #2a 
  • When we get to the PCC we always stand by the entrance of the villages where a worker (usually the Sisters) takes the guest's tickets. We stand there taking the tickets while inviting the guests to ride the tram! Well, when we first got there one of the  PCC tour guides walks up to us handing us a Guest Card (the ones we give to people on the tram), and said that a family from one of his tours gave the card to him. He hold us that the family told him that one of the "tram tour guides". . . aka: Sisters, had given it to them, but they didn't have time to fill it out on the Tram . . . . . Yes, that tour guide was ME!   I was so sad the day I had taught this family, because I knew the chances of the guests actually filling out the Guest Card after the tour, and giving it to their PCC tour guide, was slim to none. Yet, there I was at the perfect place and time to be able to claim this Guest Card with the family that I had been able to teach The Book of Mormon to. .  . . and on the card they mentioned they wanted missionaries to teach them more about the Book of Mormon! I could not believe it! If Sister Bradley and I had not taken the tram shift for Sister Mark and Sister Yoo, I probably would have never seen that card. It would have been given to some other Sisters who had no idea where it came from. Miracle.
       Miracle #2b 
  • The same day of being on the tram shift, while taking tickets, I was feeling especially filled with the spirit after getting that Guest Card back, so I made sure to ask everyone where they were from, and then making a point to invite them on to the tram. Usually, we mention it will be a 35 minute tour of driving past the University, the community of Laie, and then stopping at the Mormon temple grounds. "For whatever reason" ---when I was taking the tickets of this one couple the first thing I said after asking them where they were from was, "Well at the bottom of your ticket it mentions a tram tour that takes you to the Mormon temple, every 20 minutes on the hour, and we'd love for you to join us!" I almost slapped myself, because we try to make sure we don't scare people away too badly by only mentioning the temple, but it just came out. Then the wife says," Ooh, honey!! That's where I want to go!" I told them they should definitely come and ride whenever they wanted, never expecting to see them 15 minutes later hopping on our tram! I knew something was up. When we drove up the road that leads to the temple we mention that the temple is used for sacred ceremonies such as marriages, called a sealing ceremony.
    The second I mentioned the sealing in the temple, I saw the wife in the second row nudging her husband and saying something to him. All the guests were members, except the one couple, so when we got to the temple grounds we let them walk around as we stayed with this couple. We showed them the narration to the Christus statue and asked about their relationship with Jesus Christ. Sister Bradley and I received responses that we were not expecting. "Well, I was actually baptized into your all's church when I was eight and sealed to my family, but I really haven't been to church much since then." The husband then says, "Yeah, my parents just converted to being Mormon a little later in their lives, but yeah, I guess their Mormon now." If you can imagine, our jaws just dropped. The wife then shows us her CTR (stands for Choose the Right) ring that she still wore on her finger. It was so exciting! After testifying a little more about the gospel, the wife then asks if we could show them the picture of the sealing room. After explaining to the husband what occurs inside the sealing room, the wife says, "See ,Hun, that's what I be married to you forever, not just til death do us part!" The spirit was so strong when he smiled and looked at her. At the end of the tour he self-referred and said that the missionaries could come and teach him! It was the best.
I definitely gained a testimony this week about living righteously. Sometimes we're not going to be given strong huge promptings telling us what to do. As we are doing everything we can to serve others and live the way that God would have us live, then our righteous actions will naturally lead us to seeing miracles. Continue to pray for those opportunities, and pray to know how you can align your will with God's, because I can testify that there is truly no greater joy. I love being a part of this gospel, being a servant and disciple of Christ brings such peace and blessings. Try it, and see if it does not bless your life. I love you all so much!! Have a great week.

Sister Moyes

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