Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Wonderful family and friends, AloHA!

Here we are again at the beginning of another transfer! It looks like this transfer is a transfer of FIRSTS. This will be the first transfer during my whole mission that I will be staying in my area! CRAZY! Not only will I be staying in the ward, but Sister Bradley and I are staying together, as well.  And, for the first time ever, I don't have to move pads (apartments). I'm pretty stoked! It'll be weird not having to start over in a new area with a new companion patterned after the rest of my mission, but I could not be feeling happier. Sister Bradley and I feel like we're finally getting to know the members and just how we can use their help in lighting this Ward on fire! It's going to be AWESOME! 
The new mission President, President Warner is so awesome! I still can't even believe just how fast he has jumped right into everything. It's been such a help and blessing. So there's my house business! Now for some miracles of this past week!
Miracle #1 
When Sister Bradley and I walked in to church on Sunday, we were surprised when Na'ili was not there in our usual spot. We were waiting patiently listening to the prelude music when we finally see her rush and sit in a different pew.  We could tell something was up! Sister Bradley and I immediately grab our stuff and sat down next to her. I gave her a hug and asked her if everything was alright, with her response being, "No...not really." We were able to talk about it after church, and it was just so amazing how much Satan is putting in her way to distract her. She said she wouldn't have been able to withstand or be as strong as she was had it not been for the gift of the Holy Ghost.  She testified of the peace she felt as she did what she knew Heavenly Father wanted her to do. I immediately thought to ask if she had talked to the Bishop yet about getting her temple recommend, and she had not. She said she kept thinking about it, but with everything going on she has not been able to do it. We knew that it was crucial that she got that as soon as possible, because we did not want anymore "distractions" to get in the way. The three of us walked over to the Bishop's office asking if he had a moment to interview Na'ili for her temple recommend! In she went, and ten minutes later she comes out with a paper in her hands!! We were so excited for her!! You could see from the glow she had around her how happy and excited she was. SO, now she can go to the temple!!!

Miracle #2 
AH, this one's so cool. Sister Bradley and I were taking the tram tours at the PCC Friday night. It was 3 o'clock and the tram was getting ready to leave when a young couple comes up and asks if they can ride the tram. The guy had asked if he had time to use the restroom before it left, but we told him it was leaving right now. Sister Bradley suggested that he could wait till the 3:20 tram, but the thought came to me,  I bet he could wait 10 minutes till we get to the VC.  I ask him if he could wait that long and he said that was fine! We give them the tour, and got to know them a little bit. When we get to the VC, and all business is taken care of, we took the couple on a tour. The girl had said that she has seen missionaries all the time, but never really talked to them. It is so interesting, because usually, I can remember everything that we teach on each tour we give, but the spirit was so strong, that I cannot even remember all that we taught them. It was completely guided by the Spirit, it was literally the most amazing experience giving a tour I have ever had. It was truly incredible. I do remember showing them the sealing room where a bride and a groom can be sealed to each other and to their families forever. Then the guy says, "So what do you have to do to make sure that happens?" We taught them both about baptism, and the blessings that come from it, and how it prepares us to one day enter into the temple. We invited them to prepare for baptism that they could one day be sealed inside the temple for time and all eternity. There countenances completely changed as the spirit touched their hearts. The girl responded first and said, "YEAH! I definitely will!" She then turned to the guy and asked what he thought, when he responded, "Yes, I will." It was so amazing. 
What was really neat was that our next tour was with a married LDS couple. We got to know them really well. When I was talking with the husband he told me that before he joined the church he was just a punk doing drugs and drinking all the time when the missionaries found him, and now look at him, he's active and is sealed to his family in the temple. The connection between these two couples is that the younger couple, with the guy, had been explaining to us how he wantsrd to change in his life, because he was doing the drugs and alcohal and he felt like baptism was the right direction for him. It was as if we were able to jump ahead to the future and see the family that they could be in the future, just like the married couple.

Miracle #3 
So, although Leilani (the one whoes door we knocked on) did not come to ward camp, but she gave us a call that day and asked if we could reschedule something!!! There is nothing better than having a potential investigator calling YOU and asking YOU if they can meet. It was such a blessing, and we are SO excited to be able to teach her. 

Sorry, this is a little shorter today. P-day is not short with all of the cleaning we have to do in prep for the new sisters coming in and for our cleaning checks! But I love you all so much. This gospel is true, and I have no doubt about that. I feel so blessed to be serving not only in Hawaii but here at the Visitor Center. We see so many miracles every day, that it is impossible to not know that this work is true. This is God's work, and we can choose whether we want to be a part of it or not. But I know that as we are a part of the work, there is no greater joy. Keep sharing the gospel!!

                                                                                      Sister Moyes

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