Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HE>i (He is greater than I)

Hey family! 
So this week's letter is going to be really short. Basically all the sisters got sick at the Visitor Center including myself, so unfortunately not a lot of work has been able to happen this week. BUT, like always we still saw some miracles!

Miracle #1 
So for the month of June we were striving for 200 baptisms!! One zone was able to get 42 baptisms!! We have truly been blessed to see 180 baptism for the month of June!! So cool, right? The mission is continuing to break records. The Lord is truly blessing us to find those who are prepared for the gospel, and we feel even more blessed to see the joy that the gospel is bringing into those 180 wonderful children of God!

Sister Bradley and I found a 13-year-old boy in our ward boundaries who's parents are not members, but said he was baptized when he was 8. We've been working really closely with our ward and the zone leaders because he was baptized in their ward (because that is the ward that his grandparents attend). Eventually we confirmed that his records were never entered into the church's database, so we were able to re-create his baptismal record and count it for the month of June!! We were so happy for him, and felt so blessed for the many ways Heavenly Father has lead us to find the lost sheep!

Saturday was President Dalton's last day in Hawaii as our mission President! We were sad that we wouldn't be able to see him again, but then he called us and let us know that he would be stopping by the VC to say goodbye. We were all pretty stoked on that one. It was so weird seeing him go, being that he has been my Mission President for the past 14 months of my mission, but we're so excited to meet President Warner!! We've heard so many great things about him!

Sorry, I told you it would be short. But every day  I am witnessing God's hand in our lives, not only for myself but for those we are teaching. Keep looking for the ways that Heavenly Father has blessed your life, and you will be overwhelmed with all that He has given us. He loves us so much, and wants us to be happy. We must never forget that He is greater than us, and can make all things possible! 

Love you all so much! Have a great week!
Sister Moyes

Na'ili is doing AMAZING and we love her so much. Hah, when we got to church, she gave us a big hug and said, "Ah I've missed you way too much!" Haha, it had only been four days since we last saw her. She's so great.

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