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ALoha my cousins!

I've definitely been staring at this screen for 2 minutes now, just trying to put into words how amazing this week was!!! There were so many little things that happened, so we'll start with that!

The Adamsons (VC Senior)
  • Na'ili went to the temple and did baptisms!!!!!
  • President and Sister Warner (our new mission President and wife) came to La'ie to be the speakers of a fireside that was held here at the Visitor Center! It was AMAZING! I already love them so much!
Our L3 ward now has SEVEN missionaries in the mission field!. . .

One of them being the beautiful Alohi Keys (the one in the pictures) that Sister Bradley and I have become super close with. Her mission covers El Salvador and Belize! It just opened up. And she left for the MTC yesterday!!! 

  • We can now text : )
  • I have the best mission!
Oh, it was just a week full of miracles:

Miracle #1 A&B
A. In our last visitor center training meeting (VCTM) they challenged us to plan lessons for the people who would come into the VC. At first I was a little hesitant towards this challenge, thinking: how do we plan for people we don't even know? Well, let me tell you something...Heavenly Father knows!! DUH! This was one of the coolest experiences of my mission in the Visitor Center.  Well, we got planning. As Sister Bradley and I sat there pondering and taking our thoughts and prayers to heaven to know more about these people, we both were able to visualize what these people looked like, what ages they were, EVERYTHING. It was as if I was looking back at a memory. At this moment I knew there was no denying that God knows each of us and loves His children.
Zone Pictures
One tour that I felt very strongly about planning for was a "with member" tour, meaning there is a member and a non-member present. I could see us taking this family through the "God's Plan" presentation and then inviting the non-member to baptism. I knew it was what we needed to do. We get on shift and the first people to walk in: A grandma and her grandson with his non-member girl friend. We took them through God's plan, bore our testimonies, taught about the importance of the gospel in our lives, and committed her to be baptized! She said yes! Oh, it was the best. There really was nothing like it. The same pattern happened with the other families we planned for. I KNOW that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is helping to bring this truth into His children's lives.

My new VC Bff, Sister Flores
B. So, this was yesterday, and we did the same type of planning for our shift. Sister Bradley said that she could see a girl from India who practices Hinduism with various piercings, and she had an older man with her, maybe her dad or uncle. Well, we were taking a family up around the temple and on our way down we see an Indian girl (so we thought) with ears pierced and nose pierced walking with an older man. I knew I had to say something. They were on their way up to the temple so I asked if they had been inside the VC yet. They admitted that they had not, and so I invited them to after they walked up to the temple, mentioning that the VC had pictures of the inside of the temple! They got really excited when I said that, and said they would.  After our tour we waited for them to come in, and they did! At first the girl came in with another girl of the same age.Turns out that they are from Fiji, practicing Hinduism; the older man being their brother-in-law. We did our tour as planned, and received two self-referrals from the two girls as the brother-in-law had been speaking with other sisters. Ahhh, this gospel is so true it's not even funny. I love it so much, and feel so blessed to share it with everyone.

Miracle #2 
Anthony received the Preisthood!! So Sister Bradley and I were walking down a street in our area, ready to get on our bikes to get to our dinner appointment. We were walking past Anthony's house, and it looked like there were a bunch of people outside, so I had hoped that his mom, who is a non-member would be outside. I had told Sister Bradley that I thought we should stop before heading to dinner, so we did. We walked up to the house as people were loading into cars. We asked if Anthony was there! Next thing we know he's hopping out of the car and has a smile on his face.
All of my Companions still in Laie
Okay, preface. . . the first time we met Anthony, you could tell that the last thing he wanted to do was a. come to church, b. meet with missionaries, c. even think about holding the priesthood, and d. be wearing a white shirt and tie. Well here we were talking with him, and he's talking to us as if we were best friends! It was so cool! He expressed that he was really nervous that he was going to be getting the Priesthood on Sunday!! Our amazing WML (Ward MissionLeader) said he was going to help him get the priesthood, but we didn't realized how soon!! Anthony talked about how he is realizing that it's going to be hard being the example, not only to his friends, but to his family, but that he was ready to accept the responsibility! Ahh, he's so amazing. So on Sunday, they ordained him as a deacon in his tucked in white shirt and tie, and he'll be passing the sacrament this Sunday!!!

Miracle #3 
There had been woman that had come on to my tram back in December. On the tram tour she filled out the guest card leaving behind her e-mail address. Well I had e-mailed her offering her a Finding Faith in Christ dvd, and she accepted. I had sent the DVD, but apparently she had not received it. I remember pondering whether I should go ahead and just send the missionaries to bring it. So I made the decision to just send the missionaries to her home. Well, just a couple weeks later I left for the island of Maui, and then serving in Honolulu, I was not back until the very end of April.
Me, my baby, my grandbaby, and my great-grandbaby
(Translation:  I trained Sister Jones, who trained Sister Kim.
who trained Sister Cheng)
Last night after the VC shift I had this strong desire to check our missionary e-mail. I immediately got changed and ran (literally, haha) to the computers to check what would be waiting. Lo and behold there was an e-mail labled "Sister Moyes from Laie Tram Tour." was her =) She was looking for the Sister Moyes that took her on the tram tour!!  She then continued to share the most amazing news!! She continued to inform me (in hopes that I would read it) that ever since I had sent the missionaries to come and teach her, she has been taking the lessons. She THEN let me know that she was going to be getting baptized on August 31st!!! AHHHHHHHHH, I love being a missionary. She finished the e-mail by thanking me for giving her that guest card and how it has forever changed her life. 

So many prayers were answered this week, it was incredible. Every day I am loving my mission, or I should say, the Lord's mission, more and more, and feel so blessed to see just how much God loves his children. I know that these miracles are a witness of God's love for His children. I know that as we pray to be God's hands in this work that He WILL give us opportunities to "hasten the work of salvation." We are all missionaries, each of us has an a area...and that's the world. We have the best mission ever!! Let's help God's children to know how much He loves them. I love you all so much, and I know Heavenly Father does, too. Have a miraculous week!

Sister Moyes
I'm jumping in!!! (jk)
P.S. Sorry this was so long!

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