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This is our beautiful area
Family and Friends, Aloha!

I've tried really hard not to think about the fact that I go home in 8 weeks, but it has definitely been apparent in the many miraculous things happening (and the fact that I'm more tired than EVER). Our area is still going pretty slow in terms of baptizing, but things are definitely moving along. 

Miracle #1 
So there are more non-members in our area than in any other area of Laie. I think I've mentioned that before. Problem is, our area has a lot of rental vacation homes, so the people are always in and out. Well, Sister Bradley and I decided to go visit our Part-member list, and arrived at this blue house after trying a couple of other houses. There was a young guy from China in the drive way, so we decided to talk with him. He spoke very little English, but we were finally able to communicate the words, "missionaries...Mandarin speaking missionaries available ...Here's their number", while he gave us his number as well. We immediately called Sister Cheng and gave her the referral. She talked with him (in Mandarin) and he said he was interested in learning more and wants to go to church!!! SOOOO awesome!  We just laughed, because we were excited that maybe he lived at that house, and we would have a new investigator, but turns out he just works on the house for his job. BUT, that's alright, because it's all the same work!

Miracle #2

All the Sisters say that before you go home, you'll begin to see the fruits of your labors. I didn't understand that until now. Like last week, I received an amazing e-mail being informed that a woman that came on my tram will be getting baptized. Well, another e-mail came rolling in this week as well, from another woman.  I met her one day after showing the short 3 minute video that we show to visitors.  When it was finished, I saw a family walking out and I went to go speak with them.  But, as I was walking towards them, I walked right past this woman looking up at 'The Family: Proclamation to the World' display. The second I walked past her, the thoughts pierced into my mind and heart, "You need to talk with her." So I stopped and turned around and did. She had many questions that she said preachers have NEVER been able to answer for her. I asked her what some of those questions were, and of course I knew she needed to meet with the missionaries, so I told her that. Well, this was back in June, and I just now got a response from her saying: 
(I've edited some things for privacy purposes)
" Aloha Sister Moyes. I have been contacted by the Missionaries here at home and am learning and studying under the Mormon Faith.  I have found Mormonism represents a lot of what I feel a Church should not only be but, more importantly, what a church should be doing.  My questions are being answered and I am most impressed at the willingness of a Member to say "I don't know"  if he/she really doesn't instead of evading a question. Thank you for greeting and speaking with me at the Temple Visitors Center there in Oahu.  Thank you for placing me on a path I did not see and never would have considered (Mormonism) on my own.  But for you, I would be loved by our Heavenly Father but still adrift in confusion and growing in doubt about Faith and God..." 
I know this gospel is trueeee!

Miracle #3 

Just a typical day in the neighborhood : )
So last but not least. A couple of weeks ago, Sister Bradley and I were asked to teach the 17 and 18 year-olds Sunday School class. Guess what the topic is this month??? Yup, Marriage and Family. Haha. No, it wasn't bad. The sub-topic we focused on was how we can teach our friends about the importance of families and God's plan for his families. Anyway, it was supposed to be just the 17 and 18 year-olds, but turns out the 15/16 year-olds teacher could not make it; so it was combined class. In trying to teach the youth how to bring up families in a gospel related way we played a little game with them.
We ride up this hill every day
We put them into teams, and said a random word like Facebook, or Youtube, or Homework...words that are brought up a lot in their lives. Then first person to come up with a way to relate those topics to the gospel and families would get a point. It was SO fun to see those creative juices working. They did so well. Then, the last word, we decided to have something random: slippers. We said it, and one of the youth raised his hand. He gave this amazing answer of how we need to search, and find the slipper that is the right size, or search and find the TRUE the miracle in this is: We invited them to share the gospel about families with their friends and they said, "Well, we did bring a non-member to church with us!"...pointing to the boy who had given the profound answer about the slippers. He was a non-member, searching for truth. He said he had met with missionaries before, but would meet with them again where he lives. AWESOME!! It was truly an inspired lesson. 

Sorry, this is so long.
Almost getting hit by the mailman
It is just so amazing to see the Lord's hand in EVERYTHING. I know
this is God's church, and Jesus Christ is the head of it. I know that as we are His faithful servants we will be blessed. They say serving a mission is the best 18 months- 2 years of your life. I am truly seeing why. Even when we feel like we are doing everything to serve the Lord, we are blessed in return. Continue to serve others and I know you will feel the same joy. Love you all, have a charitable week!


Sister Moyes

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