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Friends, Family, Cousins, ALOHA!

Yes, this is me =) Some things never change, haha
I first want to start off by saying that I KNOW that The Book of Mormon to be the word of God. Sister Bradley gave me the challenge when we started as companions to read The Book of Mormon again on my mission before I go home. Well, I would feel that I was being ungrateful if I did not express how much this book has blessed my life. It truly is for our day! These Prophets of Old are truly inspired of God, and they have taught me so much. I love the spirit that I am able to feel when reading it's pages, and love how my understandings of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have grown so much. When I read this book, I am able to feel strength to keep going when it is hard, I am able to feel courage when times might get scary. I know that this book is the word of God, and that just as Joseph Smith promised, that all who read it will grow nearer to God than by reading any other book. Feast upon the words of Christ, because you will be filled with the love of God. Ah, I just love it.

Alright, so for MIRACLES!

So a couple weeks ago Sister Bradley and I were asked to speak in Sacrament meeting about Hastening the work of Salvation: missionary work ! I was pretty excited. Sunday comes and we sit up in the stands as speakers, and who is assigned #1 for passing the sacrament...?? Anthony! Ahhh, it was the best! After administrating the sacrament to the Bishopric, he then walks up to where we are sitting as is able to pass it to us. I just looked at him and smiled uncontrollably. He has become our little buddy, and Sister Bradley and I are so proud of him and the progress he is making!! 
Aunty Charlie!
Part 2: Sister Bradley had invited a non-member (potential investigator) to come to church and listen to us speak that Sunday (Aunty Charlie). We were sitting up in the stands watching out for Aunty Charlie, but no sign of her. When it had already been 15 minutes after the meeting started we frantically moved our eyes from row to row looking for her when she and her friend came walking in!!! SUCH a miracle. She has lived in our area for over 20 years, and this was her first time going to this church. After sacrament meeting we get down from the stands and go to give her big hugs. Well, as we go to do so, a couple of sisters beat us to it!! She knew SO many people there; one of them being Na'ili. Na'ili gave her the biggest hug in the world! Turns out Na'ili was Aunty Charlie's husband's caretaker before he passed away! It could not have been more perfect. Now we know all of the many members who can be there to fellowship her.

Dinner with the Freis
I love Samoans! Alright, so Sunday shift at the VC, a member from the Kahuku ward comes in with his non-member friend visiting from Samoa...SEKIA (legit). It was so fun getting to hear Samoan again, although my ability to communicate in return is not so good, but he loved that I understood a little of what he was saying. So Sister Bradley and I taught him a little bit of the Restoration emphasizing the priesthood authority that allows us to perform the ordinances in the temple. He LOVED the temple, and loved that it is everything that is talked about in the Bible. At the end of the tour we asked him that if he prayed to know that these things were true, would he be baptized by the priesthood authority of God....AND HE SAID YES!!! SOOOO amazing. I love Samoans; so receptive to the gospel. Well, the member that was with him asked if we had any fluent fa'asamoa speakers, but Sister Toleafoa was not on shift. We called the Elders who cover the Hau'ula Samoan ward and they came right over. They shared more about the Book of Mormon with him, he said he would read it, and really wanted it to be true!! It wasn't until after the Elders taught him that I found out that he actually used to be a preacher in Samoa. This gospel is true =)

Miracle #4 
When I was set apart to be missionary and representative of Jesus Christ, I received a very special blessing; one that has given me strength and hope on my mission. A line that has stuck with me was that my experiences from traveling throughout my life will be a blessing in many aspects of my mission. I have seen this blessing come to life throughout my whole mission. Well an example of this blessing happened this week. Sister Bradley and I were planning and setting goals for the next day (a day on tram at the PCC) and we said 3 new investigators, but then I paused and said that I thought we should change it to 5. It was a really neat experience, just feeling like there were still more people being prepared for us. Well, the next day of taking the tram tours at the PCC comes and we had tours the whole time, but no one asked to have missionaries teach them.
Presenting your tram tour guides =)
Finally, our second to last tram one of the sisters sees a huge group over by the tram sign (which misleadingly is not where the tram bus comes). She asked if I had spoken with them, which I had not. So I walked over to this big group and noticed they were taking pictures and offered to help. As I did I got to know them a little bit, asking them where they were from! They were of course from NEW JERSEY!!! I excitedly told them that I had lived there, in a town called Roxbury. It was so cool because they knew EXACTLY where that was, and we all clicked very fast. It was a large family with cousins, aunts and uncles, it was so fun. After talking with them I invited them to come ride the tram in just a couple of minutes. The way they responded made it seem like they weren't interested, but I was happy I invited them. Sister Bradley and I continue inviting people to join and lo and behold, the whole family gets on to the bus!!!! I was so excited!! The whole bus was full with others as well as this family. Sister Bradley and I divided and conquered when we got to the VC and were able to speak to various people of this family where the spirit was so strong! After the tour gets back to the PCC and we ask for their guest/comment cards, three of the family members hand them back filled out asking for missionaries. Turns out that one of them that Sister Bradley taught, said that if he read the Book of Mormon and knew it to be true after praying to God, then He would be baptized of God's church!!!

Girls just wanna have funnn!
I love this gospel so much. I love not only sharing it, but having the opportunity every day to see the blessings and miracles that come from living it. I love feasting on the words of the scriptures. Fia ai: means "I'm hungry!" I know that as we are always hungry for the gospel and feasting on it, we will see the same miracles of God in our lives that are read in scriptures; especially The Book of Mormon. Love you all so much!!!


Sister Moyes

P.s. This is the last week of the transfer. Next e-mail I'll report my final and last companion of my mission =/

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