Wednesday, September 4, 2013


(August 27th Letter)

Family and Friends, ALohhHA!

I cannot even believe that the time has already come for yet another last transfer =/. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for Heavenly Father for allowing me to come and serve Him here in Hawaii. It's been the greatest blessing of my life thus far, and I know that it would not have been possible without all your prayers. So thank you.

My very last companion of my mission who will be "killing" me is the amazing, BEAUTIFUL, kind, and RUSSIAN, Sister Eaton!! Ahh, I do not know why I have been so blessed, but I am so grateful. Sister Eaton and I have been praying all transfer that we would get to be together, and here we are!! So exciting!

Housekeeping Business:

* We will be whitewashing the Laie 5th and Laie 8th ward
* So, because we are schedules require us to spend half the day in the VC and half day in our areas, there is always a period of time that no one is in the area. They have now assigned two wards  (for me, L5 and L8) to two sets of Sisters. Two companionships with opposite shifts at the VC are covering two wards, that way, there will always be a set of Sisters in the area! Some wards are busier than others, baptizing-wise, so this way, not only are there sisters always in the area but we will be busier baptizing!!
* I will be living in the same apartment, yay! No moving =)
* My P-days for the rest of my mission will be on MONDAY!

* Gave a tour to a family from Quebec, Canada =) 
* Our L3 ward youth have consistently been bringing their non-member friend to church!!
* We met with a less-active that we have been trying to contact for the past 3 months...AND she let us in!!
Miracle #1 
Part 1: So one day during shift at the VC, a young Filipino woman came in with a guy, both about the same age. Sister Bradley and I went to greet them when they informed us that they were just waiting for their appointment with the Elders. I got a little excited, and asked her if she was going to be baptized soon!!!...I get a little enthusiastic sometimes. She gave a half smile, and then just said, "I don't know. We haven't talked about it yet." I then asked her how she was introduced to the Elders, and she said that her co-worker (the guy with her), had introduced her to the church! WAY TO GO MEMBER MISSIONARIES!! She then excitedly told us that she is starting to read The Book of Mormon to learn more, as she lifted it up to show us. I had forgotten that I said this, but I promised her that if she said a prayer every time she readsThe Book of Mormon she will know it is true. This time her face lit up. You could just see that she yearned for truth! Well, it has been no coincidence that every time she comes in for an appointment with the Elders I am on shift and I get to share my testimony with her.
Meeting Elder Moreno from Distri
Part 2: Well, just last night she came in and I immediately came up to her and gave a her a big hug! She had The Book of Mormon in her hand so I asked her where her finger was holding the place and it was in 3 Nephi! The second she said that, Sister Bradley and I both excitedly say, "AH! THAT'S THE BEST PART!" Haha, I then explained to her that when I read 3 Nephi, that's when I knew that The Book of Mormon was true. Her eyes were wide open, said, "Really?" I smiled and nodded my head. She then expressed to us that that is exactly what she had been praying to know right now...if this was true, and that every time she grabbed her Book of Mormon, she kept opening it to 3 Nephi! She then said, "Well, I better start reading this then!" We left her as she read. When the Elders came in, I informed them of what had happened. They had big smiles on their faces and went ahead in teaching her. (Sorry this is long)
Well, after her appointment with the Elders she came out into the Christus room and had a HUGE smile on her face. I asked how the lesson went, and she said that the Elders found the most amazing scripture that when she read it, she KNEW that God knew her and was answering her prayers. She said that she felt goosebumps and calm inside.  I testified to her that this was the Holy Ghost by then showing her Moroni 10:4-5. She said that the Elders set a baptismal date for the 21st of September, and was unsure, but now she cannot even wait.She looked at me and said, I know this is true! It was one of those moments you cannot forget. I told her that I, and many others will be there at her baptism to support her, and she was so happyyyy! It was amazing.

Miracle #2: 
Our amaxing Ward Missionary in our YSA Ward
Many other miracles happened this week, including the baptism we attended of a young guy who we had previously taken on a tour in the VC. We were able to commit him to sticking with his baptismal date, because he was still a little unsure, but he took that leap of faith. Rarely will we see the fruits of our labors, so it was amazing to see him enter into the waters of baptism.

I know that this gospel is true. I know that there are so many hearts being prepared for us as members to bring to the missionaries. Let us pray daily for those opportunities. Yes, that means we need to be more prepared ourselves, it means we will have to have courage to be bold, to open our mouths. But, as we live our lives having the spirit with us, the Spirit WILL work through us. "And by the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things." He will testify what we say is true. I love you all so much, and cannot wait to share the miracles of this next transfer.
Love you,
Sister Moyes

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