Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Family, Friends, and all of God's Children,

My heart is so full today of gratitude, humility, and love. So much has happened this week, and I feel so blessed.

* All the VC sisters were able to be in the 50th year Anniversary parade for the Polynesian Cultural Center, as we rode on the tram bus! It was SO fun!
* Had the blessing of meeting the woman that my mother trained on HER mission!
* My last zone conference in this week =/
* Our Mission President just announced that Elder Holland will be coming and speaking to our mission next week!!
* Because Elder Nelson was here for the dedication of one of the buildings at BYU-H and the CES Fireside, Sister Nelson also gave a special fireside to all the woman of the Relief Society covering 5 different stakes, which we were able to attend. And it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

This week has truly been a week of celebrations.
Not only to celebrate the 50th anniversary, but a celebration of life, a celebration for the Lord's hand in this beautiful place of Laie, and a celebration of the miracles that have been shown to us this week.

Miracle #1: 
Kalani is getting baptized!!! This past Wednesday we had a lesson of the Restoration with him, and extended the invitation to be baptized on September 21st. He said he would, and we set up another appointment for Friday. It turned out to be such a great lesson! Heavenly Father truly prepared him to receive it...So, like I mentioned, the appointment was for Friday, but when we got there we were told that he was feeling really sick and throwing up =/ We called the next day to see how he was doing, and got the okay to come and teach him. Well, turns out, the reason he got so sick was because he had eaten a ton of pizza and candy the whole day....hah, the miracle is, our lesson was on the Word of Wisdom.
Everything made sense to him as he was able to relate this wonderful law to his experience the day before. After our lesson, we felt like we should just talk with him, and really get to know him. We asked him how he really felt about being baptized. We wanted to make sure it was for him. I asked him if he was excited for his baptism, and he looks at me and says, "No." I looked at him back and simply asked, "Why is that?" Hah, and then he gives me a half smile and confesses that he was excited! I asked the same question, and his response was that he knew that he would be able to be clean, reborn, and be able to start his life over. I testified that I KNEW that through Jesus Christ he truly would be clean, and that he will feel the love of God with him as he received the Holy Ghost. He said he really liked that. He is so amazing!

Miracle #2 
This might be a story that every mother might dread when sending their missionary out in the mission field, but I would feel ungrateful if I did not share it. Sister Eaton and I were headed out for the day when Sister Eaton turns around and mentions she left her name tag upstairs. We both head back inside to grab it. As she heads down the stairs I realized that I had left something (I wish I could remember what that was). So I too head up the stairs, grab whatever it was, then head out once again to our car. SOO, preface, our driveway interrupts another street (perpendicular) that leads us to the main Highway. We are always very careful when pulling out because people drive off of the highway onto this street where we pull out of our drive way. Well, as we pull out, a car, going about 20 mph drives right past us, missing our car, my side, by maybe half a second. I know that if the Holy Ghost had not reminded Sister Eaton and I of these objects we had left behind, causing us to be a half  of a second ahead of the timing we were on, that car would have hit us. I know that God is watching out for us. I know that as we listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and follow the will of God, that all will be well.

Miracle #3 
When we do the tram tours, it gets very busy in the VC. We often times split from our companions so that we make sure that everyone is talked to, or perhaps so that we can make sure all the guests have guest cards before they get back on the bus. Well, on Saturday I was out by the tram bus handing out the guest cards. When I came back in, I saw that Sister Eaton was on a tour with a couple. Usually we won't interrupt the tour by jumping in until it's at a good point. Well, I went up to the Christus room and was in the middle of talking to one of the Sisters when the Holy Ghost abruptly stopped my words and let me know I needed to go be with my companion RIGHT NOW. I apologized, got up and went to find her. As soon as I came down the ramp I saw her headed into the God's Plan presentation. I was just in awe. We HAVE to have two Sisters to take a tour through there. I knew that these people must be pretty important, and that it was must have been very important that they watch this presentation. It turned out being an amazing tour with a woman who expressed her desire to come back to church after being away for 30 years along with her non-member boy friend who had tears in his eyes through out the tour. Both agreed to let us continue teaching them after they went back home to Washington. 

I am so grateful for this gospel, and I am so grateful for the Lord's hand in each of our lives. I know that He is watching over us, and that through ministering angels we are able to receive the help and guidance we need. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and all that He does. I know that as we strive to always be worthy of its companionship, we will never go astray. I love my Savior so much, and the perfect example He was for us. As I have been reading "Jesus the Christ," I could not have more reason to celebrate, but for the life that He lived so that we too can have eternal life.  

I love you all, keep up the good work!!!
Sister Moyes

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