Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Family and Friends, ALOHA!!!

WOW, WHAT A WEEK!! Ah, I'm getting excited just thinking about all the miracles I'll be able to share with you today!
* The woman I spoke of a couple of weeks ago who came onto my tram bus from the PCC to the VC last December was baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday!!! YAYYY!!
Okay, I have to let the world know, I LOVE my companion, Sister or Cecpta Eaton. She has been such a huge blessing in this missionary work. She is so full of faith and a willingness to do whatever the Lord asks her to do. Ah, its great! LOVE her. That being said, during our district meeting, our new district leader Elder Dzaemen challenged us to to go through our area book and go contact every potential investigator by the end of the week. I know that it was SO inspired. Sister Eaton and I grabbed the area book, looked at the potentials and got going! We visited a couple of houses where families were busy or simply not interested, but still willing to "talk story" with us. So we went forward with the next name on our list. Ryan. We knock on the door, and a boy about 11 years-old answers the door, but it's not Ryan. We introduced ourselves and then I asked if he had been baptized yet, with the response of, "No." Woot Woot!!  
Sister Eaton and I asked him if he had faith in Jesus Christ and God, and he let us know that he did not. We asked him why he thought it would be important to have faith in God. He said, "To help us."  I then asked what he could use help with in his life, and he began opening up to us telling us about how he needs help wit his schooling. I explained to him how much Heavenly Father has helped me in my schooling, and how I ALWAYS needed help when I was in school. I told him that it wasn't until I asked for help from Heavenly Father that I was able to learn faster, work harder, and do MUCH better in school. We could see he really liked that as a smile appeared on his face. We asked him if he would pray for help with school, and he said he would! We then taught him to pray and asked him that if he prayed and knew that what we were teaching him was true, if he would be baptized... and he said yes!! Ah, it was awesome. We were worried because we still needed to get permission from his aunty, but she said we could teach him when we returned to visit yesterday!!
So we were still on our search for new investigators, but it was getting pretty dark and almost time to head back. We had two more houses left on our list, one of them having all the lights out, in Hawaii meaning no one is home, and then the next house we could see a light coming from the door inside the garage. We didn't think that was the part of the house we were looking for (it was an Ohana...meaning, a house with more than one family living in it), but we both decided, HEY, why not???  We knock on the door, and a guy about in his 30's comes out, SUPER nice, and SO Hawaiian, haha. He said that basically his whole family are members but just never had been taught about the gospel. He was born and raised in Laie, but had left for a little while, just returning a couple of weeks ago! PERFECT! We asked if he would be interested in learning about how it could bless his life and he said, "Sure! Why not??" Hah, it was perfect. Oh did I mention he has a non-member girl friend, too?? It was such a blessing, and we cannot wait to teach them this week!
Did I mention my companion is the coolest person ever? So, our dinner appointment totally forgot one night, and was actually in California. SO needless to say, we did not have a dinner that night. We, along with another companionship decided to order pizza from Dominoes, because our amazing member owns it and will give us free pizza whenever we need it. She's amazing. So Sister Eaton and I go outside of the VC through a set of doors that leads into this tunnel of pillars to make the phone call for a delivery. BUT the phone would not call!! We tried and tried and tried. It just would not call Dominoes. Finally, Sister Eaton told me to try leaving the tunnel and walk out by the grounds a little bit and try calling out there.
Where I found the woman from Russian
So I do, and when I go out I see a woman walking by. I asked her where she was from and she said, "Russia!" I excitedly said, "Wow, Russia??!" As Sister Eaton comes around the corner. It couldn't have been more perfect. They were headed away from the VC, but if our dinner did not canceled, and if the phone HAD worked, and my companion wasn't so inspired to see if it was the tunnel, we would not have met this RUSSIAN couple. We eventually took them on a tour into the VC (me just standing there smiling), but the spirit was SO strong!! They still spoke some English, so I was able to bare my testimony as well. Unfortunately they said they would like to take the guest card with them and fill it out and return it...which usually means we won't see it again, but I KNOW they felt the spirit. And I know that when the time is right, they will accept the gospel.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this gospel. It is SO true!!! I know without a doubt that the knowledge I have of Jesus Christ and His church that has been restored upon the earth today ARE true! I know that man is not perfect, but God is. I know that God is a God of miracles (Moroni 9), and as we are willing to put our trust in Him, and go to Him in faith, He will help us. He will help us to learn, to grow, to perfect. All these things for our happiness...even our eternal happiness. I invite you all to pray, pray to feel of Heavenly Father's love. Let it lift you up and inspire you to do better and be better than yesterday! Love you all so much! Thank you for your continual prayers!!!

Love Always,
Cecpta Moyes

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