Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Family and Friends, ALOHHHh- HA !!! :)

I wish I could convey my excitement and love that I am overwhelmed with at this time! There is SO much to tell, and SO many amazing events and miracles that occurred this past week. My life has been forever changed.
For now I will have to list many of the miracles we witnessed, and after my mission I will come back and fill in the blanks for anyone who would love to listen! For now, I will try to do my best to tell of the miracles with the amount of time we are given to e-mail!!!
Stake Conference with Elder Soares
2 lessons in TC with Lationa and Robert
Kalani's Lesson with Brigham and Ezra
VC meeting Joey
Pan's Baptism
Miracle #1  
So if you look back on the letter I sent on August 27th (or around then, depending on when my perfect mother posted it for me) you will see that I spoke of an amazing Filipino woman who came into the Visitor Center. I mentioned how every single time she has an appointment with the Elders I "happen" to be on shift. I know now without a doubt that this was no coincidence. Well, this woman's name is Pan! I have come to love her SO much these past couple of months as I have been able to teach her and help her as well to prepare for baptism. Well, it happened! This Saturday she was baptized! She came into the Visitor Center and personally invited me and told me that it would not be complete if I was not there. I felt so honored. Well, Sister Eaton and I arrive at her baptism, and she was in the hallway so nervous and full of doubts; wondering if this was really what she was supposed to do. I gave her the biggest hug of my life, as she cried into my shoulder. I told her that she was making the best decision she will ever make in her life thus far. She just looked at us and expressed her gratitude for us being there as we walked her into the room for the baptismal program. The program began, and after the first talk we headed towards the baptismal font. Sister Eaton and I took Pan into the locker room, said a prayer with her, and she walked down the steps into the water. She was then baptized by immersion by someone (Elder Temahuki) holding the priesthood authority.  I cannot explain how strong the spirit was. You could truly feel the love of God for her; His beautiful daughter. It was incredible to see all those doubts, all those worries, all of Satan, completely washed away as she came up out of the water. She stepped up from the stairs with a HUGE smile on her face and said, " I DID IT! I feel so much peace and calm." Ah, I love her.
With Elder and Sister Soares of the Seventy
Stake Conference

Miracle #2 
Elder Holland came to our mission!! For those who do not know who this is: Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, is of the quorum of the 12 Apostles. Oh what a blessing and miracle this was for me. I cannot express to you the feelings of joy and of the spirit that were felt at this meeting; especially during the brief moment we had to shake his hand. What an amazing thing to hear Sister Holland (his wife) speak at the pulpit saying, "Elder Holland and I have been with a lot of missionaries in our service together. Never in my life have I seen a larger, brighter, happier group of missionaries." She then broke into tears expressing the righteousness she felt from us. I have never felt so grateful in my life to be a missionary at this time. Following Sister Holland, Elder Holland spoke. Every word he spoke was with such love, such power and authority! It was this same power and authority that he spoke to us about. That we as missionaries must go and teach with power and authority as true representatives of Jesus Christ. He said that we will never do anything better in our lives than what we are doing right now, and that is saving souls. I know this to be true. I know that as we lead and guide God's children towards the waters of baptism, we truly are saving souls. God wants ALL of His children to be with Him, and it is through us that we are able to lead and guide others onto that path. I know he is a true Prophet of God, as an apostle of Jesus Christ,  I know that the words he speaks are coming from God. I know that with all of my heart, and I know that only joy will come from accepting and learning about this gospel.
With President and Sister Warner

Miracle #3
For the past transfer Sister Eaton and I have constantly been trying to contact a family that is in our ward boundaries. Well finally on Monday night, after stopping at every single person's home we could think of, we felt inspired to go stop at one more house. We decided to go see this particular family (consisting of a mother and daughter with the daughter's son). When we get there we meet the mother who is active. She explains to us that her daughter has not been involved with the church for over ten years now, and was interested in taking the lessons and willing to learn whether this church was true or not. We set up an appointment and then went back home for the night, feeling so grateful we made one more stop. Well we were able to meet with the daughter just yesterday. What an amazing lesson it was. After getting to know her background a little bit, Sister Eaton and I let the spirit guide. It was such a powerful lesson. I tried to take everything that we learned from Elder Holland and applied it. I was a lesson that I felt like definitely came from our hearts, and not robotic missionaries! The biggest miracle in this lesson was after we ended it with a prayer, she looked at me and asked, "Did you serve in another part of Hawaii during your mission?" I told her yes, and asked why? She asked if I had served in the Moanalua second ward, and I, more exictedly this time, told her yes! She expressed how she remembered meeting me there! I paused for a moment, then remembering exactly where we met in Sunday School class. It was so neat to see that God truly puts people in our paths for a reason. It was after making that connection that a great piece of the wall that she had was torn down! It was such a miracle. I know that I have served my mission where God has needed me to be.

I LOVE being a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ. I LOVE putting my name tag above my heart every single day. I LOVE this gospel, and I LOVE knowing that it has been restored upon the earth today. I know this to be true! I know that God lives and loves each of His children. I know that as we open our mouths and share this message of joy and everlasting life, you too will see people's lives change! Or for anyone who reads this who is searching to know....pray, and you will know. I can promise you that with the power and authority that has been bestowed upon me at this time of my life! I love you all so much!!! Hasten the work of Salvation!                                  Warmest Aloha,
                                                                                                                Sister Moyes

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