Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Good Morning, and Aloha
I hope everyone was able to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving! A lot is going on right now in the zone and in the mission!! Our new zone theme, “All Day, Er’y Day!” We are seeing miracles, one right after the other, and I know that it has been through fervent fasting and prayer. Our zone is more unified than ever (including zone exchanges and chanting the Haka every morning during exercise :), and together we are being so blessed in finding the elect. A week and a half ago we had 4 with a date, as of today, we now have 16 with a baptismal date. Our zone leaders committed us to having a total of 30 with a date for December by the end of this week! It definitely sounds crazy, but we know that by doing all we can, we can help God keep His promises.
Well, Thanksgiving here was definitely different, being warm and all, but it was perfect. The Bishop of the Laie 1st ward’s father hosted a giant thanksgiving feast for the public. It was so neat. All the Senior Couple Missionaries, a couple of us from the zone, with a lot of people on vacation or the homeless coming to stop by. It was such a great missionary opportunity; we were even able to get a new investigator! There was a woman from Ukraine, who I noticed was watching Sister Jones, Christiansen, Looney, and I. I turned to her often and smiled, and she smiled back. Later, she was talking to one of the Senior Sisters, and she said that she wanted to talk to us because she felt something very special about us. It was really humbling. She didn’t care about what we were wearing or what we looked like, but she felt something different about us. I know that the spirit was working through her, which allowed Sister Christiansen and Sister Looney to get her contact information to teach her some more. Best Thanksgiving ever.

Oh, and the food was good, haha. 

First Thanksgiving with rice instead of mash potatoes!

Alright, let’s hear some more miracles:

I mentioned going on Zone Exchanges. Well, every single one of us in the zone exchanged companions last Friday. Just through that we found 3 more with a baptismal date. I know that it was truly inspired. It was so nice being back in an area again. I was able to be with Sister Mark. She just got here 3 weeks ago, is from Micronesia, and is AWESOME. She definitely came pre-trained. Unfortunately, the whole town was at the state football game because the local high school, Kahuhku High School, was playing. Sister Mark and I were going around trying to find people to teach, but nothing. We then stopped and said a prayer, then felt like we should go see some members. On our drive there, we saw someone standing at the corner smoking. We drove up a little bit and parked, got out and went to talk to him. He was an inactive member, but as we continued to talk to him we were able to find out his concern!! So, after teaching him, we invited him to come to church on Sunday, and he said he would. Chee-Hoo!!

Just last night Sister Jones and I were chatting, and we received a chat from a guy who had a question about a specific scripture in the Book of Mormon about God and Jesus Christ being two separate beings. We answered the question to the best of our ability, but it somehow turned into what we sometimes refer to as “bible bashing.” Not on our end, but we had to simply testify and get out of the chat. Well, the second the chat ended we got a notification for another chat. We accepted, and then a girl comes and asks about the EXACT same scripture. Sister Jones and I just looked at each other and thought it must have been a joke.  We then talk about it (a blessing about being online), and decide that we definitely need to approach it differently. We thought and prayed in our hearts what we could tell this girl that would help her, and she said that our answers made perfect sense.  She is from Canada, had been investigating the church for the past six months, has a baptismal date, but still had a couple of questions. She said that she had moved her baptismal date several times because she got nervous of how her family might react. She explained to us that she knew this was the path she needed to go, but didn’t know how to pursue it. We then said a prayer with her, testified, and let her know how much Heavenly Father loves her. We then concluded the chat with a way to keep in contact. It was such a miracle that Sister Jones and I were able to receive that specific chat before so that we could know how to better respond to the same question in a better way. I am so grateful for the hand that Heavenly Father has in this work.

I am so grateful for this gospel. It is true! It brings so much happiness and peace into our lives if we let it. God is our loving Heavenly Father, who sent His only begotten Son to live and die for us. I know that He still lives, and I know that God lives, and I know that the commandments they give to us will lead us to everlasting joy and eternal life. I invite you all to ask at least one friend if they are interested in receiving the “Joy to the World,” dvd from the missionaries. I can promise you that your efforts will be noticed as you spread the best message we have to share: Jesus Christ. I love you all, and hope you are all enjoying the wonderful season. 


Sister Moyes

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