Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Aloha family and friends!

I hope everyone is safe and sound with Hurricane Sandy. We definitely heard all about it from our guests and from our members. Sounded pretty scary. As my dad told me in his e-mail, "This too shall pass." Know that you have been in our prayers, and will continue to be. On that note, it is still the weirdest feeling seeing pictures from everyone seeing that fall is there, and snow is even falling! Today at the grocery store, they were already set up and ready with all the Christmas candies and decorations. I can't even describe how weird it is. It's like time doesn't really pass by here. Makes you appreciate the seasons a little more.

Well, although the seasons don't change, sicknesses still spread during this time of year. I feel really bad because I don't have too much to report for this week. After much persuasion I was finally convinced to go see the doctor. I was thinking maybe I had another sinus infection, or possibly strep, but turns out I have Staph. Unfortunately, I was forced to seclude myself from anyone for at least 48 hours (except my companion of course), and so we didn't leave the house for about 3 days, one of them just being that I was still feeling a lot of pain in my head, and did not have the energy I needed to do the online work fully focused. I was so grateful for the gospel, even more so, when I knew that I could ask for a blessing, through the many (any) worthy Priesthood holders that we have here in Laie. My recovery has definitely been quicker than expected, and I know that it's time to get back to work!!

With our area, the 19-year-old boy from my last letter, he gave us a scare when he e-mailed saying that he "did not want the Mormon church contacting him anymore. Thank you." Bahhh, we about cried. We e-mailed him and then called him, and he told us that the missionaries came to deliver the Book of Mormon he had ordered online, when he thought it would just come through the mail. The missionaries showed up and his mom FREAKED. So, the mom immediately called the Pastor to come over and lecture him about why he is a catholic and that he was a disgrace for looking at any other church. He then told us he got really scared, and didn't know what else to do. Sister Gamba and I both bore our testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel. We helped remind him the many different accounts he has been assured that this is truth, and this IS the path that will lead him to feel everlasting happiness. We  taught him that if this was the true church on the earth today, that God would provide a way for him to be taught the gospel. He liked that promise. It was interesting to find out that his brother is actually a member of the church. Guessing maybe that's why the mom wasn't so happy =/ 

Besides that, nothing too much new. Oh, hah, we had a talent show for Halloween! SOOO much fun. The Elders put together a wayyyyy too choreographed song to a backstreet boy song...."Ain't nothing but a heart ache, I never want to hear you say...I want it that way!" Haha, it was pretty hilarious. They started it first with an introduction with one of the Elders getting Dear Johned. As Sisters, we were all pretty impressed, haha. It was fun. 

 Then today, for our P-day, my first day really outside, we decided to go on a hike up a mountain called Crouching Lion! It was incredible.

Online these past couple of days has been really interesting with the election going on, that's for sure. But, our mission is trying to reach 1200 baptisms for the year. The mission has never reached past 1101, and we are at about 900 baptisms so far. Meaning= it's time to work and go find 300 more to baptize before the end of the year!!!! We're pumped! Our zone already has 20 set up for this month, and cannot wait to see the miracles that are in store for those we find. There is not better feeling than finding the elect; those who have truly prepared their lives and have continued to search for truth! They are so amazing. Speaking of, I was able to see my recent convert, Mai, at church, and she is stronger than ever! This gospel is true. We invite everyone to taste of this fruit for yourself and tell us if it is not true!! Read the Book of Mormon, study it, ponder it, and pray to know if it is true! I can testify that you will receive an answer, and as we act upon it, our lives will only be blessed! I love being a missionary, but don't forget that you don't have to be wearing a badge to share the gospel! 

Love you all so much.

Sister Moyes

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