Thursday, November 22, 2012


Sister Jones and Me

Well, this week has been amazing! This letter is going to be kind of short, but I hope does not take away from how much I still love this work. I am, in missionary terms, a new mom, aka: training a new missionary, and I am absolutely loving it! It's super fun because in the VC, we tend to call our trainers "Mom," forever...and being called mom is definitely a new experience! I love Sister Jones so much, though, and am learning so much from her. I cross my fingers that she is able to learn something from me. Chat has been really good! We have to double time our training/studies because I have to be able to train her in the visitor center, online, and just as a missionary in general, but she is a fast learner. I love her because if she doesn't fully understand something she is never afraid to ask questions, and when we train on something, I always see her apply it when we are proselyting. 

As for the Miracles I am thankful for:


There have been so many opportunities for me to sign lately! It has been such a blessing. I was able to give a deaf tour on Friday night, then, because of being online, Sister Jones and I can choose whichever ward we want to go to on Sunday. We were headed to the Laie 4th ward at 8am, but saw Sister Looney and Sister Christiansen (the new sister trainers...kind of like the Zone Leaders for the Sisters) going to their own ward, and thought we would join them. We get to their ward and I completely forgot that there is a deaf group in their ward! So, Sister Jones and I sat in the front row with a friend of ours, who is deaf, and all the other signers to watch the interpreter. It made me fall in love with sign language all over again. The tour I gave on Friday was a member, who actually lives in Provo, and said he would be happy to help with my sign language even more when I get off the mission!! So pumped, and such a miracle!

On chat,  Sister Jones and I were able to teach someone who is ready to receive the gospel and accepted to have missionaries over! The miracle in that is that they are from England!! Hard mission. So we're definitely praying for them!
A lady we chatted with, she came on to chat to inform us that she did not want the missionaries over anymore. We were so sad!! She had no way of contacting the missionaries, so was wondering if we could call them and cancel the appointment. We continued to chat with her and try to figure out her situation. She has such a strong faith already for this gospel. The thing is, her husband is not ready to receive the gospel yet, and she, being the amazing woman that she is, wants to always work as one with her husband. We could just feel how much love she has for her family, and how badly she wants the gospel for them as well. We were about to end the chat when we felt inspired to see if we could say a prayer with her. She said yes, and it was amazing! She said it was everything she needed to hear, and hopes that the day to learn more will come soon. We asked if it would be alright if we kept in contact through e-mail so we could still continue to teach her. She of course accepted! I cannot wait for the day that she and her husband are able to learn from missionaries in their home.
Christmas Already!
Fun at PCC

My New Pad
I am so grateful to be a missionary. Every day is a new experience, and every day we are able to be instruments in God's hands. God has provided us with truth on the earth today. That truth allows us everlasting joy! All we have to do is keep the commandments. I can testify that as we live the commandments and strive for exact obedience, we will be able to see miracles in our lives. Pray for missionary opportunities, for miracles, and I can promise that Heavenly Father will use your divine talents and gifts as a child of God. I love you all so much, and during this season of thanksgiving, am especially grateful for my family, my friends, and especially this gospel. Have a great Thanksgiving!!! 

Sister Moyes

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